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Acupuncture in China

Chinese reflexology . with great effectiveness, is a worthy alternative to medical treatment. Based on the use of internal resources of the body, this practice can significantly reduce the list used in the process of treatment of medicines

The consequence is the reduction of the negative impact of chemical elements contained in the medicines on the human body. It is really an important factor, because all medicines, even the most effective, have side effects (that can not be compared with side effects of acupuncture ). In this regard, acupuncture in China is one of the main methods of healing, hence the traditional Oriental medicine is inseparable from the acupuncture.

The historical roots of acupuncture and Chinese medicine in General, is quite deeply rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy, according to which the whole body is permeated with channels of energy. Among the latest is called meridians. It is for the meridians in the human body circulates a special life energy Qi (history of acupuncture), which has physical, spiritual, mental and emotional components.

Unimpeded circulation of energy through the twelve meridians, according to the teaching of acupuncture in China,the key to good health, harmony male and female in it. The violation of the energy flow through the body leads to the development of various diseases. In acupuncture, in Chinese Oriental medicine, it is accepted that each of the meridians located symmetrically in the body, is associated with specific internal organ and sometimes even bears the name of that body (liver Meridian, heart Meridian).

Acupuncture experts in China believe that the emergence of the disease of a certain body of evidence of the violation in Energetica appropriate to the organ Meridian. In addition, it is worth remembering that the first Meridian is connected with the latter and forms a generally closed system. Therefore the teaching of acupuncture in the history, the violation of the energy flow in a particular Meridian leads to failure of the entire system is harmful to the body.

Impact on biologically active points (on the body more than 700), which essentially are areas where the Meridian passes close to the surface of the skin by needles helps to restore normal energy flow throughout the body, and hence restores overall balance of body. The procedure of acupuncture or Chinese reflexology does not require any special equipment. As tools are special acupuncture needles that went down in history together with acupuncture. They are much sharper, thinner and longer than ordinary medical needles.

The application of acupuncture in Chinese medicine

The application of acupuncture, one of the most important methods of Chinese medicine . can improve human immunity and its resistance to pathological factors, and also stimulates the flow of backup and recovery processes in the body.

It is noteworthy that the introduction of a needle (Chinese reflexology) in certain BAT becomes the key to recovery, even if it comes to the treatment of “unpromising” chronic diseases. In severe pathologies, the techniques used in acupuncture Oriental medicine, act as supportive measures to increase their body strength in the fight against disease.

The history of acupuncture is very interesting and vivid. It is known that people used such therapy for many centuries before our era. This is evidenced by the results of archaeological excavations conducted on the territory of Ancient China. Among the valuable findings were needles made of quartz, Jasper and flint, the application of which is indicated by documents.

The oldest extant manuscript on the topic of acupuncture in China is “a Treatise on the internal, or About the nature of life” (“Huangdi nei-Jing”), established in 221 BCE to Comprehend the technique of acupuncture – reflexology kitaiskaya, in the modern world is quite difficult.

According to Marina Vladimirovna Liman, received their knowledge on the historical native land of acupuncture in China, doctor of acupuncture must learn to feel, to perceive the procedure. After studying the technique of acupuncture, through the story, you get certain knowledge and skills. Will the implementation of the latter in the true art depends only on the ratio of reflexologist to the philosophy of Eastern medicine in General and acupuncture in particular. In China in the course of acupuncture specialist is preparing a very spiritually and with great care.

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