Snoring causes and treatment of folk remedies
Snoring is a pathological phenomenon that constitutes a violation of breathing during sleep, accompanied by a characteristic sound vibration. The causes of such health problems may be varied, and in…

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Research Center for Tibetan medicine
Grateful to the treatment they receive in DTM, my son Iskander conducted the following procedures: Massage, massage cupping, magnet, needles. From Iskander after treatment is improved speech: Iskander before treatment…

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Physical treatment methods (physiotherapy)

Physiotherapy is one of the most popular and safest methods of treatment. The number of physiotherapy treatments is impressive, from mustard plasters, parks legs, cans, bathing and massage to different kinds of laser, ultrasound, magnetic fields, electrophoresis and climate micropolarizer currents. Physiotherapy can be a standalone treatment or used in combination with other, for example, surgical or medical.

When assigning some type of physical therapy should take into account the peculiarities of the disease, the stage of its course, the patient’s condition, lifestyle, age, gender, mental and physical condition, as well as geography of residence. Can be Utena and other factors: social help the patient, his attitude to the proposed method of treatment, etc.

Today we can confidently say that there are diseases in which physiotherapy was not effective at certain stages of their treatment, rehabilitation, or prevention of disease.

The main methods of physiotherapy:

Electrotherapy – physiotherapy method, which is based on the impact on organized person electric current in small doses. To the electrotherapy can be attributed Demetriou, darsonvalization, galvanization, as well as some other less common methods; Ultrasonic therapy is a method of physiotherapy based on the use of ultrasound for therapeutic purposes. The therapeutic effect of ultrasound is based on a special effect on the tissues of the body; Laser therapy is a method of physiotherapy, which is based on the application of light radiation (red or infrared) for the treatment and/or prevention of diseases. Features of laser exposure depend on the type of radiation (and thus wavelength) and the energy of quanta absorbed radiation; magnetotherapy – is a method of physiotherapy based on the effects on biological tissue are very weak magnetic fields; Combination therapy – a combination of several methods of physical therapy at the same time. During the research it was ustanovleno that the effectiveness of combined physical therapy is 30% higher than the sequential impact of each method.

Medical center “Doctor Faith” carries out physiotherapy treatment and prevention of diseases using “BTL Combi” is a modern physiotherapy device, manufactured in the UK. This equipment is a serious technical and scientific breakthrough in physiotherapy, combining four therapeutic factor affecting organized person in the same time: ultrasound, laser, magnetic therapy and electrotherapy. “BTL Combi” can be about five thousand forms of currents. It uses multi-frequency ultrasonic system, laser technology and magnetic field. Using this equipment can perform a variety of physical therapy procedures: the unit can be configured for treatment of a disease by simply selecting the desired programme.

The possibility of physical treatment apparatus “BTL Combi”:


ahilova pain in the tendon, arthritis (lower and upper limb), arthritis rheumatoid, arthrosis acute and chronic, temporary claudication, distortion, contusion (contusio–consolidatio), postoperative pain, decrease swelling, pain in Achilles tendon (bilateralis), epikondilit radial (ulnar nerve), hematoma–subacute, frozen shoulder, hypertonia muscular, hypotonia muscular “phasic”, lumbalgia, tissue edema, Buerger, acrocyanosis, neuralgia, Raynaud’s disease, sprains, sore muscles, atonic constipation, spastic constipation, scoliosis, tenosynovitis chronic.

acrocyanosis, limitation of motion in the joints, herpes zoster – pain syndrome, Buerger, neuralgia, spasticity, muscle toning “phasic”, muscle toning “tonic”, a painful syndrome in various diseases.


keloids (cheloidum), keloid scars, re scars, and hypertrophic/keloid scar, atrophic scars primavie.

menopause, mixed incontinence, stress incontinence, atonic bladder, inflammatory diseases of female genitalia of various etiologies.

achillodynia, algodystrophies syndrome – lower limb, algodystrophies syndrome – upper limb, rheumatoid arthritis, acute and chronic arthrosis, arthrosis oedematous, bursitis acute, distortion, contusion – subacute, post-operative pain, reduction of swelling, epikondilit (bilateral), epikondilit radial (ulnar nerve), hemarthrosis, hematoma – subacute, post-operative hypotension mesecina, lumbalgia (spinal pain), disease Osgood-Schlatter disease, myalgia, scoliosis, spondylitis (spondylarthritis ancylopoetica), tendovaginitis chronic, tendovaginitis subacute.

Effects on these systems of the body. MENTAL - Any action and effect on the body is reflected in our psyche PHYSICAL PHYSIOLOGICAL The most important thing in treating any…


Application of Sophora japonica
A valuable medicinal plant Sophora japonica, in natural conditions it grows in many regions of South, South-East Asia and the Pacific Islands. Some of its species can be found in…

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