Sujok therapy – alternative medicine

In recent years, so-called alternative medicine, unconventional medicine are becoming increasingly popular.

At one time I had a chance to experience first-hand the effectiveness of this method, as Sujok therapy — in one embodiment, a non-traditional medicine. In just a few sessions I get rid of the chronic sinus infection that plagued me at that time for ten years.

Remember, as a doctor who offered treatment to my statements that I do not believe in such methods, said, “Faith certainly helps in any process, but in this case, Sujok therapy is not just theoretical methods, and practical therapy that have proven effective in the treatment of many diseases”.

So what is this method and where they come from?

Sujok therapy is one of the areas of acupuncture, a method which is based on the effects of certain biological active points of the hands and feet. Translated from Korean su – brush, Jok – foot.

This type of therapy was developed by South Korean Professor Park Jae Woo in the eighties of the twentieth century.

The basis of Sujok therapy is the perception of the human body as a unified energy structure, all processes which are interrelated.

Methodology Sujok therapy is based on the notion that between the man’s body, his hands and stopmouselook compliance. Most clearly seen in the brush. The thumb corresponds to the head, the index finger and the little finger – hand, middle and ring –

feet. The back side of the brush projection of the spine, the surface of the palm under the thumb – thorax, the middle of the palm – abdomen. There are special schemes, which shows the correspondence of each point on the surface of the palm of a body part or organ.

It is believed that the disease is lack of harmony in the energy body, and the manifestation of the disease on the physical level is merely a symptom.

Diagnostics on the system Sujok

With the help of special sticks or needles is a successive exposure on biologically active points. In those places where pain arises (the so-called “Oh-dot”) and necessary to carry out the procedure.

Such procedures include:

• mechanical massage;

• magnetic field;

• biological energy of seeds;

• warming up;

• color.

Supporters of Sujok therapy noted the following advantages of this method of alternative medicine :

• Painless – the treatment can be carried out without the use of needles, which relieves the patient from fear and discomfort. In addition, it is more secure because there is no risk of damage to the hand or foot due to improper handling of needles.

• High efficiency – within a few seconds after the start of treatment may cause the first results: attenuation of symptoms, improvement in General well-being.

• Absolute security – if used improperly, the treatment will have no effect.

• Versatility – both on the hands and feet are the projections of all organs and body parts, the procedure of Sujok therapy applicable to treat the entire body.

• Efficiency of treatment – if a person is in a critical situation and cannot expect to receive skilled medical care in the near future.

Interesting way of influencing the biologically active points is seed therapy. The advantages of this technique, absolutely painless (no needles are used) and the ability to leverage the power of nature contained in the seeds. Using seeds and various other plant parts (leaves, fruits, cuttings, petals) is the stimulation of biologically active points on the hands and feet. For example, in my case, to treat sinusitis used black peppercorns, which were attached by taping it to certain points.

There are practice effects seeds directly on the sore spot, but it gives a lesser effect than using the projection technique of Sujok .

And last, to help You be able to high-class specialist, fluent in this technique of treatment.

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