What are the benefits of Brazil nuts?

One of the exotic types of nuts is the Brazil nut. It is most common in South America, mainly in Brazil and Peru, Colombia and Bolivia, and a number of other countries. The most productive is Bolivia, despite the fact that Brazil is the birthplace of these nuts, and the name was borrowed from there. These nuts are grown and culturally – plant the plantation, then gather the nuts, and in the wild, i.e. harvesting takes place in plantations and natural areas.

By the way, that the wild plots the yields of Brazil nuts is much higher. This is motivated by the fact that pollination by bees occurs more in such areas than in specially cultivated areas. The trees of Brazil nuts is truly impressive, as their sizes can reach 40 meters in height, and of such size, harvesting is substantially more difficult. However, this tree has a long period of life, and therefore their fertility is also high.

The fruit of the Brazil nut is very interesting. So, grow on trees the nuts are of round shape, the size of the palm (by the way, looks like a coconut). And inside this fruit is fully Packed already a little nuts, which, in fact, after cleaning and are productcompare. Weighs one nut up to 2 pounds, but the net weight of the nuts after cleaning is only 1 kg. the Reproduction of trees is due to the small nuts. So, one walnut, all fruit grows a maximum of 3-5 shoots, and in consequence of fruit-bearing trees. In addition, the trees required special climate, so we have some nuts and just did not grow.

Useful properties of Brazil nuts

Due to the uniqueness of the plants, Brazil nuts have a unique, interesting and useful properties. Fruits contain many useful substances, such as:

– f ofati potassium;

– C Inc, iron and manganese;

– o mega 3 and omega 6;

of ALCI, phosphorus, etc.

In addition, nuts contain interesting vitamins and minerals, micronutrients such as Niacin, Riboflavin and flavonoids, high in amino acids, and vitamins C, vitamins group b and E. apparently, the nut is getting such a large number of substances at the expense of tropical rain and rainfall into the soil, absorbed by the roots of a tree, and give valuable minerals are the fruits. Also it should be recognized that Brazil nuts are very high in calories – as many as 680 calories per 100 grams of product.

The presence of nutrients greatly affect the human body. Thus, nuts help reduce cholesterol in the blood, which helps to cleanse the blood and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease . In addition, nuts contain large amounts of protein and fiber, which is also in good impact on the body. Protein is well digested and affects the growth of the body, and fiber helps easier to digest substances by the body, adjusts the digestive tract, stabilizes the level of toxins in the body, drawing to itself, and excluding them from it, and improves bowel function.

Nuts enhance the immune system and reduce allergies to various stimuli. It is the Brazil nuts used after insect bites, from which there are allergic effects in the countries of South America. In addition, they help to fight fatigue, give strength and energy. It is especially useful to consume nuts during lunch break. It will give strength and energy until the end of the day. Also, nuts contain high levels of selenium, due to which they become helpful in prevention of cancer . cancer of the gastrointestinal organs, breast, lungs and so on. Brazil nuts are also good as antioxidant substances.

Surprisingly, the nuts contain almost no fat and protein, prevails. Therefore, they will be very useful for those who want to lose weight, but will also be an excellent food for growth and muscle development, that is quite suitable for athletes. Recommended for the prevention of eyesight diseases in the form of cataracts or glaucoma. In cosmetology is used Brazilian oil, which has excellent properties and has beneficial effects on the skin – hydration, rejuvenation, cleansing and so on.

Contraindications Brazilian nuts

Unfortunately, Brazil nuts, like mushrooms, absorb radioactive components. Because of this, they often present an element such as radium. Its quantity in any case is not fatal, however, and consume a large amount of nuts. An excessive amount eaten nuts will act back benefits of cancer and so on. Therefore, a daily intake dose is 100-150 grams of nuts.

Otherwise, Brazil nuts are quite safe, and before you get on the shelves of our stores, they are thoroughly tested and certified.

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