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Under the heading “Alternative medicine” we have assembled a proven and effective natural remedies. You want to support the immune system with herbal teas or to learn simple techniques of therapeutic massage? Maybe You are looking for a support natural remedies in the particular diseases? Then articles will be of interest to You. All described medicines and methods are confirmed by doctors and, therefore, can be used without fear.

Our society has a tradition to oppose traditional medicine alternative. Therefore, some patients try not to visit the usual doctors, fearing piles of unnecessary pills, but others bypass the centers of alternative medicine . not believing in force of the procedures and fear of possible complications from improper treatment. However, in most medical practices “traditional methods” are not rejected. Just as in other issues of alternative medicine is taken only proven and confirmed by the results of research funds. This approach, which combines different directions and gives a better result not only to the treatment itself, but also in maintaining health.

In category contains articles that opisyvayutsya proven practices. Thus, You may apply natural remedies and be sure that you use really reliable information. It is so often dishonest sources are the cause of a failure from any of the people’s councils.

Clinic of alternative medicine or proven tips

Different treatment methods in official medicine is based on scientific findings, research and evidence. That is why any doctor insists on treatment of diseases under the supervision of specialists in hospitals and clinics. However, this does not mean that alternative medicine can act as support practices. Keep their health under the supervision of a physician, but in our category get ideas for different ways to maintain great health, or help with different diseases.

Remember that the clinic alternative medicine – not a panacea, especially when it comes to serious diseases, but also to completely abandon time-tested methods is not always justified.

Today, the effectiveness of many techniques and tools that are added to people’s, proved by experience. Many herbs included in the composition of different medicines, and massages and physical therapy have become commonplace for the rehabilitation of patients after injuries and fractures.

In addition, in our category you will find helpful tips on General well-being, in particular, struggle with these vital human problems as depression, fatigue, insomnia. After all, for them most productive solutions to enhance the internal forces of the body that will not just eliminate the symptoms, and will help to solve the very cause of ailments.

Center for alternative medicine: articles on the main directions

Under the heading “Alternative medicine” we have assembled the most effective ways of treatment, have tried to describe folk remedies from the point of view of official medicine, and to justify their use. I can safely say that we have created the center of expertise for alternative medicine . which will be useful for a variety of readers. You are suffering from some disease and looking for ways to ease the condition? Just want to be healthy? Or to understand how to approach the treatment at home? Then our heading is exactly what you need. Here You will find reliable information on such topics:

Herbal medicine to treat diseases and relieve symptoms.

Useful products, tools and procedures. In particular, the use of honey and birch tar, courses of hirudotherapy.

Massages and classical techniques of Oriental medicine.

Assistance in oppressed conditions, stress, insomnia and others.

Active rest, physiotherapy.

Cosmetology based on domestic resources. Useful masks for skin and hair, ways to preserve the beauty and keep yourself in shape.

We understand that it is in the field of alternative medicine the greatest number of untested, and sometimes dangerous health information. Therefore, among other things, in our category a lot of articles devoted to myths and unsubstantiated methods of alternative medicine, because such information will help to avoid fatal errors in case of different treatment, to prevent complications or simply late stages of the disease.

Also worth considering that any drug can have its own contraindications. And this equally applies to pharmaceutical drugs, and folk remedies. Information about this You will find in our articles, because only complete information about any medication provide an opportunity to apply it safely.

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