The idea of physiotherapy was sent by nature itself, therefore, is one of the most alternative and safe methods of treatment. The advantages of the method are obvious: the treatment has no toxic and side effects, a highly efficient and provides reliable results for a long time. Physiotherapy is widely used in preparation for pregnancy and childbirth, childhood diseases, disorders in nervous system, arthritis, arthrosis, problems with the musculoskeletal system.

In the clinic, “Good Doctor” uses the following methods of physiotherapy:

laser and magnetic therapy;

SMT-therapy (amplipulse);

ultrasound therapy (phonophoresis with medicines, which is indicated for the treatment of intervertebral hernias);

MIL-therapy (beneficial effect on the immune system, lowers cholesterol, dilates blood vessels, improves circulation, has anti-virus effect, significantly shortening the treatment time and prevents the transfer of disease from acute phase to chronic);

the effect of direct and alternating electric current, including galvanization and medical electrophoresis (used in the treatment of children born with diseases of the respiratory system, nervous system).

Physiotherapy clinic is equipped with modern equipment.

The low-frequency physiotherapy apparatus “Amplipulse” is designed to treat a wide range of various diseases: osteochondrosis, diseases of the nervous system, hypertension, diseases of the digestive system, obesity, diseases of the respiratory system, gynecological, urological, etc. and is also used for electrical stimulation of muscles, rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system of the person.

Ultrasound therapy “Sonopuls” – appointed in inflammatory rheumatic diseases, inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, traumatic injuries of the skin surface, etc myostimulation is indicated for the treatment of children from birth in the direction of doctors a neurologist, a podiatrist with problems such as valgus feet, flat feet, treatment of scoliosis, the syndrome of increased nervous excitability due to birth trauma, etc. in addition, at this videoapparaat you can take a course of “Total workout”.

The magnetotherapy apparatus of the “BTL-5000” – equipped with flat and cylindrical electrodes, making the treatment highly effective, non-invasive with problems of the spine and extremities, including after injuries to restore mobility, reduce muscle tension, inhibits the spasm, relieves pain, helps to produce the required amount of collagen to accelerate healing processes in damaged muscles and ligaments.

Apparatus “Androgyne” is widely used by gynecologists and urologists for treatment of different functional disorders and of inflammatory processes of the reproductive system of men and women and shows high efficiency in the treatment of cystitis, prostatitis, inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system, impotence, infertility, incontinence, hormonal disorders.

The apparatus of magneto-infrared laser therapy “MILTA” – under the influence of infrared rays of the apparatus increases tissue metabolism, increases the activity of leukocytes, shows an analgesic effect that helps reverse the development of inflammatory processes. The device has electrodes for treatment of a body cavity, ENT disease, nervous system. Is a component of complex therapy of post-operative patients.

Counseling techniques with the purpose of the course physiotherapy is performed by a physician physical therapist Turina Ludmila.

Physiotherapeutic procedures are carried out by a nurse on physiotherapy of the highest category, with more than 30 years of experience, Aman Ludmila in a comfortable pleasant environment that has already experienced on our own experience our patients that have successfully undergone treatment.

Actively influencing the body, physical therapy can reduce the medication, but does not imply a complete rejection of them, and in combination gives amazing results.

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