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The therapeutic effect of the pearls of Chinese medicine – tea da Hong PAO

The invigorating effect of tea da Hong PAO

Da Hong PAO is one of the most popular Chinese teas. It grows in the mountainous Northern regions of the country, absorb the crystal clear dew and rain water that collects in rocky mosses. This determines its unique taste and powerful healing effect.


This Chinese variety of tea is recommended to brew and boil. This allows you to go into the water all the useful substances of da Hong PAO. For boiling it is better to use in a glass teapot so you can watch the process in all its details. The dishes selected should fill one third tea and two thirds water. Thus prior to brewing da Hong PAO must be soaked to swell, and impregnated with water.

Before boiling you need to catch the moment when the bubbles start to rise from the bottom to the surface. When this happens, it is recommended to replace 20-30% of the liquid for a new one, i.e. you take out 2-3 cups of water and pour fresh.

Some experts advises to omit the tea liquid to the boiling point of water. In this case, it is added together with a new batch of water.

To be on the fire boiling the kettle needs no more than 10-20 seconds. The average brewing time is two minutes. It can be varied depending on, iconremote is supposed to be the final product.

There are other opinions about how to brew da Hong PAO. In the second method, it is recommended to use not boiling water . and slightly cooled water (85-90 degrees). Tea, first pour 1.5-2 minutes so that water only covered. This liquid must be drained and fill the kettle again.

Now it has become fashionable to use ginger tea for weight loss, these recipes and tips will help You!

Amazing properties and the effect of Da Hong PAO

The benefits of da Hong PAO and its amazing effect are determined by its constituent minerals and organic substances. Tea contain zinc, magnesium, potassium, selenium, vitamins of groups b, K and S. Its tonic and stimulating effect due to the presence of tannins, caffeine, compounds of phenol. To the beneficial properties of da Hong PAO are:

Stimulation of the gastrointestinal tract. Tea irritant effect on the mucous membranes of the digestive system that triggers the production of enzymes involved in digestion. This is particularly useful when the consumption of fatty, high-calorie foods.

Complex cleansing of the organism. Da Hong PAO promotes the removal of toxins and rejuvenation. It increases blood pressure and speed the blood circulation, the harmful substances are removed faster from the body. In addition, the diuretic effect of da Hong PAO promotes their excretion. When consumed hot tea opened the pores through which the sweat with dirt, toxins, excess salt deposits. This property is da Hong PAO, allows members of the tea party to suffer the effect of the bath.

Strengthening bones. Due to the magnesium and potassium contained in the composition of the bones, and selenium. According to recent studies, the presence of this trace element in the body determines the rate of accretion of bone tissue after fractures.

Prevention of atherosclerosis. By increasing the intensity of the blood flow and reduce the level of lipids in the blood lessens the chance of plaque formation.


On the market the user can see the compressed tea da Hong PAO or weak medium doneness. The collected plants are subjected to gentle drying with the use of low temperatures. The strength of doneness is determined by the drying time: the longer, the stronger the taste and aroma. After that tea is pressed and goes on sale in the form of “pancakes” of various diameters. Properly prepared da Hong PAO the liquor is the color from a milky orange to a bright peach.

Any medication requires correctly prepared. How to make ginger tea. to preserve their beneficial properties, not read the pages of our portal about drinks.

Don’t miss our article. which talks about the traditional brewing of green tea!

That say tea drinkers

This variety of Chinese tea leaves no one indifferent. Unusual taste and effect, for the Russian market formed the basis for its growing popularity. Reviews about tea da Hong PAO mostly positive. Some novice chamany faced with sharp jumps of pressure.

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