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Useful properties of sea salt.

Though people of past ages did not possess so much knowledge as modern, however they were already known beneficial properties of sea salt. The healing properties of sea salt are so highly prized that in a certain period of time salt was the equivalent of money. Roman and Greek scholars believed that the life originated in the sea, so the sea water can heal the person and to maintain his health.

When buying sea salt, you notice that it has a grey tint. This color is due to the large amount of mineral substances.

Making sea salt from the sea and salt lakes and inland seas. Salt deposits are visible after the sun and wind will evaporate water from it. So it turns out salt rock, but it lacks the value and the composition as sea salt.

The main value of the sea water lies in the fact that the amount of salt and fluids it contains in the same proportion as in the blood of all living beings.

Depending on the place of getting salt it will be different taste and color:

1. Malgoska salt from England: is characterized by dry and white. Has a rich salty taste.

2. Rosé salt from Bolivia. Mined from ancient deposits, which are more than 3 million years. It has a pink hue due to the presence of iron from rocks.

3. Terre de Sel (Salty Earth) from France. This kind of salt is not podvergaetsya, as manually going to the salt fields. Salt contains a reduced amount of sodium chloride, therefore, has a sour taste.

4. Sel gris is a gray salt from France has pinkish blotches of clay of coastal areas. This kind of salt is distinguished by the diversity of flavors and aromas.

5. Himalayan salt from Pakistan is considered the most valuable and cleanest salt on the planet. Salt has a reddish-pink color and rich elements of the composition.

6. Hawaiian red salt. It is taken from the lava lake clay, therefore the salt is red. A large number of minerals in the salt give it a spicy and light taste.

7. Hawaiian black salt is full of particles of lava, therefore, is such an unexpected color. Thanks lava salt is saturated with useful trace elements.

8. Kala namak – black salt from India . mined in the mountains. Has a specific taste of smoked food, so successfully used for filling vegetable and fruit salads.

9. Persian blue salt from Northern Iran is a rare salt that is used only for cooking gourmet meals. Iranian blue salt has a strong taste and mild aftertaste. The blue color is caused by mineral salts silvinita.

Most of the salt is extracted naturally from sea water by evaporation under the action of sunlight. Thereafter, it is cleaned of impurities, dried, subjected delicate grinding maintaining properties.

The composition of sea salt.

The composition of natural unrefined salt includes a large amount of mineral substances. Eating sea salt too, but as a remedy it can be used in various diseases:

• sodium helps to normalize blood pressure, helps in the digestive enzymes, prevention of dehydration;

• calcium is essential for building muscle, bone and connective tissue;

• potassium is the regulator of water balance and metabolic processes. necessary to complete the work of the heart muscle;

• chlorine is a component of gastric juice, important for formation of blood;

• phosphorus is important for building cells;

• iron is necessary for oxygen transport in the blood;

• magnesium helps to absorb and deliver in your own bodies minerals and vitamins;

• copper is necessary for blood formation;

• manganese contributes to the strengthening of protective forces of an organism, participates in the formation of bone tissue;

• zinc helps to improve skin condition and sexual function, important for immunity ;

• selenium is an antioxidant that protects against cancer;

• iodine is an important component for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland;

• silicon increases the elasticity of tissues and blood vessels.

Useful properties of sea salt.

Due to its composition of sea salt is extremely beneficial for the health of the body. Since salt is minimally processed, it retains all the nutrients. It can with efficiency be used in folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases, cosmetology to improve skin condition, in cooking.

Healthy lives is confident that with proper use of sea salt, you can get good results in the treatment and improve overall health.

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