A physiatrist
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In Ukraine is gaining momentum in the business of collecting medicinal herbs
Following the floods in Europe we rushed foreign buyers The business of herbs in Ukraine every year is gaining momentum. Experienced herbalists assure that raw materials is rife and the…

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Shamanism in Africa

Indigenous Africans shamans perceive as divine messengers. They believe that sorcerers can both help and hurt the whole tribe. In their power to control the weather, to punish enemies, to inflict diseases and misfortunes, and also to attract wealth luck, control human destinies.

One of the most famous shamanic religions in Africa is Voodoo. Its founders were the ancestors of the Yoruba living in West Africa. From there it has spread not only across the continent but beyond.

Followers of Voodoo believe that each of us has his spirit, called Orisha. Most of the representatives of the Yoruba live in the Republic of Togo, here is one of the largest shamanic markets products Voodoo.

In this retail outlet, you can purchase a variety of magic supplies that, according to their vendors that can harm the enemies, revive the dead or to doom him to torment the living.

If you get into this unusual place, before your eyes appear a series of bones, plants, severed heads of animals and other shamanic supplies.

African shamans preaching prepared a sinister Voodoo powder, which they call “zombie powder”.

Using it, they mogucnosti person into a coma, and then returning to bring to life, as if pulling him from the cold embrace of death. These “zombies”, not having emotions, not remembering their past, they use in their rituals.

Shamans and shamanism on the continent

In the territory of neighbouring Congo to the wiccan treated with great caution and can kill the witch because of the slightest offense. But the tribe of Wodaabe living in the area Sahel, shamans are held in high esteem.

So they made amulets with magical powers. Such charms bestow infants: if a girl is born, she gets an amulet of fertility, and if the boy – manhood.

In Tanzania, shamans also have authority, in spite of their terrible rituals. Local witch doctors as ingredients for their magic potions use different parts of the body and the blood, bones, hair and skin of African albinos (people who have no melanin pigment).

Sorcerers believe that these components will make them the drug are very useful and effective. In Tanzania there is even a black market where you can buy the body parts of albinos.

According to the United Nations from 2000 to 2013, in the African country was brutally murdered more than 70 white-skinned Africans. Almost all of these crimes go unpunished.

African shamans have always had a great influence on the inhabitants of the black continent. One of them even managed to become President. So in Western Guinea during the period from 1968 to 1972 were ruled by one of the most bloody dictators, who, according to his contemporaries, possessed supernatural powers.

This man bore the name of Macias Nguema Biyogo and was a native of the African tribe Fang. One of the traditions of this people is drinking a special drink, based on drugs, whereby they have opened magical abilities.

His opponents claimed that due to shamanistic rituals and abilities, he was able to get the presidency. Of course, it is difficult to see how real such judgments.

However, it is worth saying that Macias had no outstanding intellectual and political abilities, which are usually inherent in politicians. It is known that he conducted shamanic rituals in which used dead animals (blood and guts). Going abroad, for the prevention of military coups, he was publicly executed citizens of their country.

However, it should be noted that neither witchcraft nor the merciless killings did not allow the bloody dictator to keep his job. All that is left behind Macias that thousands of human casualties and an empty Treasury.

However, the Guineans faith in his supernatural powers was so great that, when the bloody President you had to shoot, had to specifically call soldiers from Morocco. Because Guineans believe that the spirit of the Macias report to their executioners in the image of the black dog and will avenge them.

But do not think that Africans are only afraid of witches. They, above all, respect, you go to them for advice and help. The African, especially in the Outback rather go to be treated to the shaman than to the hospital.

For example, in the Congo shamans-healers referred to as “nganga”. This large specialists in the field of medicinal plants, minerals. They can even deliver babies.

So, you can have different attitudes to such phenomena as shamanism. However, we must recognize that it is an integral and perhaps one of the most interesting parts of African culture. And therefore worthy of study and respect.

In Ukraine is gaining momentum in the business of collecting medicinal herbs
Following the floods in Europe we rushed foreign buyers The business of herbs in Ukraine every year is gaining momentum. Experienced herbalists assure that raw materials is rife and the…


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