Male infertility: treatment of folk remedies
According to statistics, every fourth married couple cannot have children because of male infertility. Alternative therapies, including herbal medicine, are quite popular and well-proven technique. How many tears and troubles…

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Folk remedies for the treatment of cataract
Unfortunately, man is powerless before the inevitable aging process. Eventually begin to wear out the organs and systems, fading skin, decrease the intensity of the feelings. Physiological age-related changes also…

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Effects on these systems of the body.

MENTAL – Any action and effect on the body is reflected in our psyche



The most important thing in treating any illness is to do the following


clear body/ intestine – laxative – enema, skin – bath, kidney – diuretic, liver – bile, negative to positive thinking, blood – activated carbon sorbent, light – cleansing and deep intensive breathing with cough and removal of phlegm /is held against starvation.

Change of reception:

water – flint, melt, charged

meals – separate, mono diet, the dosed starvation

breathing – the Buteyko Strelnikova, Yoga, meditation /in particular when we holotropic breathing drastically change your lifestyle, and gives such a striking effect of change in consciousness/

sleep – NAPs – meditation – sleep deprivation


heat/ cold bath, sauna – dousing, walking in the snow


Physical / manual therapy necessarily as intensive work with the spine /cervical and dorsal/ and various exercises for twisting and stretching, and mental workload / stress – meditation – self-programming

apnea – in-depth breath.After the body is cleansed, you can start receiving preparators changes of the body. They can be divided into two types:

-poison the body, whereby the body begins to fight this poison and at the same time removes the cause of the disease/ for example aspirin – acetyl salicylic acid once in the body so affects it that additional reserves are included and the acid removed from the body through the skin in the form of sweat and at the same time removes toxins, etc. relieves the internal organs, in particularly kidneys, allowing them to improve the quality of their work/ produce and by removing the hot pot /water/ evaporation – cooling of the body. Here, apparently, can be attributed diuretic, choleretic, diaphoretic, expectorant, laxatives, and other preparations of natural and synthetic origin, supply the whole or individual organs or group of organs of the body:

for example – glucose, the blood.





When healing we need to make the patient participate in the treatment process. For example: Say to the patient: – Breathing slowly, deeply and in rhythm with my actions.

Then forced to breathe in accordance with their actions. To make, for example, to breathe through the candle (or fragrant wand). Have your right hand in the face and have a candle and make the exhaled air was like through the fire and the candles were removed. When you exhale, also slowly, we take your right (or planted both hands to the side) his hand from his face, and inhaling, on the contrary sum up my arm to my face, as if simulating pumping and burning in the fire of the spark of negative energy and pumping pure energy. Try to organize your breath so that the person could feel the energy he goes and gets. To teach him this technique and he also makes at home, but with his hand. To do it on an empty stomach and in the process work to rehearse, on inspiration: – I, on the exhale: – Purified.

Before each session, to cause a person to starve, before

session, and the evening to do an enema. Morning to drink Activated charcoal tablets: 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight recovering.

It is advisable to go on vegetarian diet and replace coffee and tea in milk, or herbal teas.

Mandatory shower in the Morning after rising, coming from work, at bedtime every shower it is advisable to finish by pouring cold water from a bucket, which is recruited from the evening and stood on the balcony at night and plucked the freshness of the night and was charged morning, a newly born energy. The bucket is preferably put so that it was covered by the rising rays of the sun. In the bucket you can add magical effects: Decoction of herbs, Holy water, charged (by a healer or recovering) the water, lower there my wedding ring, and the healthy energy of their youth that you had when You were married (and it was kept in the ring. Remember how it all charged their toast at the wedding how happy and health You had at the time. The whole World was open to You. The only time You forgot it and now again open it yourself).

Also you can omit the charging cross, which You were baptized and it is desired to use the Holy water.

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"Traditional healers" or quacks..
All of us periodically hear, read in the media and see with screens of various "magicians", which together require "modest" is their calling, not only as "traditional healers". Others from…

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