Treatment of uterine polyps folk remedies and herbs celandine, homeopathy
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Alternative medicine
Health is the most necessary in life, because without health, a person does not need money or material value, and what we strive for on a daily basis, sometimes to…

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Alternative medicine

Health is the most necessary in life, because without health, a person does not need money or material value, and what we strive for on a daily basis, sometimes to the detriment of their health.

To help maintain, preserve and restore health there is a medicine, which is divided into traditional and non-traditional. The first type of medicine based on the use of medicines, and traditional methods of treatment, for example, surgical treatment, associated with the invasion of a physician inside the patient’s body using various cuts and sections. Alternative medicine practices more humane methods of treatment, and is largely based on the properties of medicinal herbs, and various liquids and substances.

Alternative medicine many years, was the last Bastion of hope of the Russian people in recovery from various maladies. To this day, many people, disillusioned with the methods of traditional medicine, turn to the shamans, the healers and the medicinal properties of herbs.

Alternative medicine – methods of treatment and prevention of diseases, methods that don’t quite fit into traditional treatment, and the effectiveness, which was not confirmed by scientific research. Should not be treated with alternative medicine very skeptical, because many of the currently known methods of dealing with those or other diseases when totoe attributed to alternative medicine.

Often, to alternative medicine resorted to desperate people for whom conventional medicine could not help. Often, alternative medicine can cure a terminally ill man, on measures of traditional medicine. So often, alternative medicine is called alternative, because of its different approach to the treatment of the patient.

Among the main methods of alternative medicine can be noted the most effective, proven lots of patients cured:

1. Acupuncture . One of the most popular treatment methods representing alternative medicine based on the treatment of many disease the acute impact of special games at certain points of the human body. This method was brought to Russia from Tibet, has a huge number of followers, and on many occasions can be accepted as a traditional medicine, but scientists and doctors around the world are skeptical about this treatment.

2. Apitherapy. Therapeutic treatment through the use of bee products such as bee venom and propolis. This technique is quite popular in the treatment of back pain and muscles.

3. Aromatherapy, which is used in alternative medicine to treat various infectious diseases, and restless state of the patient. This method came to us from countries of the Far East.

4. Among athletes, a common method of alternative medicine as autogenic training, which helps to affect the physical and mental condition of the athlete by autosuggestion.

5. Hyperbaric therapy is one of the most interesting methods of alternative medicine based on the treatment of the patient is low or high ambient pressure. A high pressure in special pressure chambers, capable in a matter of minutes to change the atmospheric pressure inside themselves.

6. Homeopathy is a type of alternative medicine, growing and most likely having the ability to develop into traditional medicine. The main method is the ingestion of minimal doses of substances that in large doses and cause disease.

7. Hirudotherapy. One of the areas of alternative medicine that is used by doctors and estheticians, but, nevertheless, the official data that hirudotherapy can be considered a treatment option, is still there. Hirudotherapy is based on leech therapy, which is usually placed on the affected area of the body. Leeches purify the blood, and also reduce the amount that causes the heart to work intensively, constantly producing new blood and deliver it through the vessels to the various organs.

8. Magnetic. In the mainstay of treatment of effects of magnetic waves on the human body.

Methods of alternative medicine there is a great variety, the above are just the ones that are most commonly used in our country as an alternative to conventional treatment in hospital.

Ideally, for the best of the disease, but also for speedy deliverance from it, the best treatment is a combination of traditional and nonconventional methods of medicine. in combination can give significant results in the fight against disease.

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