Color therapy is a way to health and rejuvenation of the body
Beauties in Russia has always been not to consider. It is quite possible that our great-grandmother secretly visited healers to get prescription of unearthly beauty. And it quite succeeded, because…

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Treatment of uterine polyps folk remedies and herbs celandine, homeopathy
Uterine polyps are benign formations on the surface of the endometrium which is the inner cavity of the uterus. They can be both single and multiple. Rarely polyps can move…

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Traditional medicine and alternative therapies in our time.

Traditional medicine and alternative therapies is now so urgent that to cite all kinds of examples about whom and how in our lives they have helped, and perhaps saved a life, probably no sense. Every person in his life at least once, but turned to folk medicine and corresponding to the secrets of treatment of folk remedies, and with each passing day the relevance of various tips that we draw from this knowledge only increases. As for the treatment of the “grandmother” of traditional methods, tips and remedies and alternative medicine in General, it is supraviran time, and most importantly the experience of our ancestors, because thanks to this they have come down to us through the ages, which in turn proves the effectiveness of such treatments and, most importantly, safety for the human body. In this context, the expression “one we treat, another hurt” is not quite correct, as it is more applicable to severe medical treatment, but this medicine, and therefore is called folk that she was, in General, the “test of time”, which only confirmed its effectiveness. Folk medicine is more natural for humans, as creatures of Nature, only to the mind and orderly approach to the use of all the wealth of folk medicine.

We all prekrasnomu grandma’s tips on the infusion what herbs to use to cure a particular disease, and her words: “you stop those tablets, they are no help, it is better herbs and old traditional methods to be treated”.

Currently people advice and methods are quickly gaining the most relevant, since the pace of development of human civilization more and more gaining progress and sometimes some of us just can not stand such a pace that you want to postraumatice, if you want something to succeed and to achieve something in our complicated lives. Amid this, in addition to just depression and bad mood a person can easily worsen certain diseases, or people simply in danger of “catching” something new. Diseases and various illnesses – they just “saw” suitable for the development of the soil, and attack almost immediately. And increased nervousness, irritability, depression – this is fertile ground for them. Here we come to the aid the secrets of treatment folk remedies, proven practices that are most effective and efficient manner will help a person to maintain vitality and efficiency required by each to fit the rhythms of life in our post-industrial society. Well, if you attacked one or other illness, don’t despair, and here the knowledge of healing and cures, will naturally come to your aid, will help to overcome the disease settled in a shorter time and effectively. It is these ways of dealing with various diseases, as well as folk prophylactic remedy them, are among the best that are available in huge people’s Arsenal and means of combating various diseases, thanks to their test of time, and accordingly, the practice of using.

On this site I would like to tell You the maximum amount of reliable advice on what decoctions. infusions of some herbs can be prepared, how to use them for the most effective results. In turn, the description of medicinal plants and their useful properties presented in the section “Medicinal plants “A” through “I”. But it is not all that we limit ourselves.

We believe it is necessary to tell the reader about the existing forms of treatment the most raznoobraznyh diseases folk remedies that are topical for today, because our goal is that everyone can find the funds it needed, recipes of traditional medicine. which will be really helpful and will help get rid of the plaguing disease, applying them in practice and getting rid of the disease subsequently. This is the main goal – to help people find effective and at the same time the most harmless and secure means of getting rid of a disease that is very rich Arsenal of non-traditional folk medicine.

I hope that You, dear reader, in each of the sections will find something interesting for yourself, and most importantly useful! As corny and everyone knows the phrase “health can not buy for any money”, after all, relevant at all times, and there, by and large, doesn’t matter rich people or poor. Therefore, human health and, of course, his life is priceless, as people’s experience in the treatment of various diseases and prevention of various diseases – knowledge that was accumulated and passed down over many decades, and sometimes centuries.

Dear readers, in the “everyone should know It!” present to You the preventive tools and the basics of personal hygiene that you must know and remember everyone.

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