Treatment of diseases of the heart: recipes of folk medicine
The treatment of heart disease: the recipes of traditional medicine. Since ancient times people noticed the wonderful properties of some plants to treat diseases of the heart and blood vessels.…

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Unique instructor training qigong, tai Chi and Chinese traditional medicine: open recruitment!
NOU "Academy of traditional systems of healing and human development" (Russia) jointly with Chinese representative office Yunnan-Guipuscoa Institute of tai Chi Chuan Yang Luciani in Russia "Academy of tai Chi"…

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Treatment of impotence folk remedies

The treatment of impotence. Loss of sexual power is a tragedy for any man. Impotence treatment with herbs. Endocrine impotence caused by falling vnutricleternmu of testicular function. Impotence, national treatment. Impotence – a condition in which a man can not have intercourse. She is associated with impaired sexual functions. It is also necessary to emphasize the fact that impotence treatment depends on its causes.

Impotence is of two types: organic and psychological.

Organic impotence begins gradually. Disappear first spontaneous nocturnal and morning erections. Then disappears normal erection, although libido and ejaculation saved. In this case, ejaculation occurs either very quickly, or Vice versa, to achieve ejaculation is possible only after a long and wearisome partners for both sexual intercourse.

If we consider the causes of sexual neurasthenia, easy to see that healing can help those forces, those energy reserves, which are incorporated in plants. They can take that energy, which lacks the body, that vitality which so early and recklessly squandered. Sexual neurasthenia is a manifestation of fatigue and exhaustion of the nervous system. She razvivaetsia because of abnormal lifestyle, sexual abuse premature departures, especially the unnatural use of the genitals (Masturbation), excesses of every kind, alcohol abuse, etc. All of this destroys even the strongest organism, weakens the nervous system in General and sex in particular.

Men suffering from impotence, sexual life significantly improved after taking medicines based on ginseng. For greater effect, the drug must be taken for several weeks. Known properties of ginseng are known from ancient Chinese folk medicine and Eastern medicine in General.

In 2012, the recovery after prolonged loss of erectile function South Korean scientists have issledovali medicines based on ginseng. Animal experiments have proved that ginseng can be an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction. In the latter study, researchers have already involved more than 100 men suffering from this disorder. Experiment recognized successful – men have improved the potency.

Treatment of impotence with herbs (folk remedies)

Golden root extract (radiograms pink)

Take 5 10 drops of extract 1 2 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Dose increase is impossible, as the extract has a high biological activity and in overdose causes unwanted side effects: increased irritability, insomnia, pain in the heart (increased blood pressure). The course of treatment is 10-20 days. Treatment should appoint a doctor.

Tincture of the root or leaves of Panax ginseng

Root tincture is to cook for 50 – 60% alcohol in the ratio 1:10; leaves — in the ratio 1.5 to 2:10. Take 15 — 20 Fulani 1 reception 3 times a day for months.

Treatment of impotence ginseng

The best is a Manchurian ginseng, the root of which is very expensive. He has a fabulous healing power. The cheapest ginseng grown in culture.

A method for the treatment of impotence.

The root of ginseng of the highest quality often shaped like a human body with a torso, head, hands, feet. In the treatment of impotence should be cut off from the “arm” piece with a length of 2-2,5 cm If the root of poor quality, you can take a piece of 3 – 4cm from any part of the root. Pour root 3,5 l well of purified vodka or diluted alcohol Apothecary (fortress 40°). The next day, start drinking brandy. While tincture weak, it is necessary to accustom to it an organism. Drink 1 glass 3 times a day before meals. When tincture remain part of 1/20 of the bottle, it should be topped up with vodka and mix, shake, with the remainder of the old tincture. The bottle therefore you can refill 2 or even 3 times. After 3 times tincture need to do it again with a fresh piece of ginseng root. Never drink ginseng stranger! Each patient himself must prepare their own tincture. If for any reason the patient will make a break in treatment, it is possible to resume it he doesn’t have with the old tincture. After the break, should prepare a tincture anew with a fresh piece of root, and drinking first new can be taken for the old (if she wasn’t drunk). Many of of official medicine only restore sexual power. The beneficial effects of ginseng is much wider it rejuvenates the entire body. If the patient will drink root tincture 5 – 6 winters in a row, he will look several years younger; will return energy, mobility, improve mood and overall health. Persons cure ginseng from impotence, do not suffer from them afterwards. To leverage Golden root and ginseng has a number of contraindications state of excitement, hypertension, fever, violation of cardiac activity, insomnia, mental illness.

Lifestyle recommended for the treatment of impotence

Necessary rest and sleep from 9 to 10 a.m. a day.

Mandatory steam baths.

Sunbathing take up to 11 hours. am.

Recommended small fasting 2 times (from 3 to 6 days) and one long period of fasting (from 25 to 30 days) under the supervision of a physician.

Stop drinking alcoholic beverages, strong coffee and tea.

There are 2 times a day salad of raw vegetables and certainly add to them roots carrots, turnips and beets.

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