In Ukraine is gaining momentum in the business of collecting medicinal herbs

Following the floods in Europe we rushed foreign buyers

The business of herbs in Ukraine every year is gaining momentum. Experienced herbalists assure that raw materials is rife and the cost is minimal. However, many Ukrainian and foreign companies are willing to pay a lot of money for herbs, which the people consider normal weeds. “Look” I learned how beneficial it is to collect medicinal herbs.

With love to each stalk

Michael Stoppok is one of the few who is not only well versed in medicinal plants, but also able to organize private enterprise for collection and packing of products. In the native village of Spas, Ivano-Frankivsk region Mikhail has a reputation for not only a notable herbalist but also a successful entrepreneur. On his own mini-factory “Clean flora” are the neighbors and fellow villagers – just 40 people. Started Michael Stoppok with regular hikes in the Carpathian mountains and the study of biology.

According to Carpathian herbalist, gathering and processing of medicinal plants is one of the few super profitable ways to make money.

– Ukrainians are people a little lazy and inconsiderate, believes Stoppok. And because the raw material we have everywhere in any region, right under my feet. So why complain about lack of work and money?

Work galore….

However, the path to success was the family of Stupakov long. Chapter remasterizada, that since the childhood adored biology, therefore, started teaching it in school. Worked in remote Carpathian villages – acquainted with the old residents, herbalists and molfars. They told where the plant what to look for, what it helps, when to collect, so that the grass has not lost its properties.

A biologist by vocation

The idea to create his own company came to Michael immediately. Prior to that, he worked in a firm that specialized in the sale of private farms seeds of medicinal herbs – lemon balm, Valerian, milk Thistle, chamomile.

In 2008 Michael and his family returned to his native village. There convinced the villagers – weeds don’t exist. Each plant is unique and is able to help the person – you just need to know exactly what what.

And soon in the courtyard of the house of Stupakov there was a shop on the drying and processing plants. Michael with the villagers formed a cooperative.

First focused on Europe, says the herbalist. – Put at the forefront of scientific approach. Had from natural harvesting to refuse. And then buy the population of grass, and they gathered near factories, highways and fields with chemicals.

In Europe one of the main criteria of harvesting of medicinal plants – every blade of grass strip so that it does not lose the healing properties. Therefore, the mini-plant Mikhail Slowpoke fully certified according to European standards.


From early spring to late autumn in the Carpathian meadows and forests, ride a special kung-cars similar to refrigerators. Trained people collect herbs far away from cities where there is no strong pollution. Don’t just visit the Carpathians and throughout Ukraine – including Crimea.

– Each region, each region on its own is rich in various plants, – smiles Michael.

The collection follows the drying process. Each herb has its own technology.

For example, Melissa is dried at low temperature, because it has the essential oils – they should not disappear. And the berries should be dried at a temperature of from 40 to 70 degrees, in order to preserve their properties. Herbs usually dry in limbo and in the wind, and berries – “lying”.

Already in the workshop by experienced staff crushed the plants and prepare them for the separation and packaged. Teas are certified at the international level.

– Among the offered products there are monasteria – that is a simple collection of chamomile, lemon balm, mint, fennel, thyme, says Stoppok. – We have a children’s collection fees. For example, “the Sun” – is a medicinal tea for children with Echinacea, chamomile and mint. Herbal tea is “Baby” – for infants, there is chamomile with fennel. This collection is very useful for pain in the tummy in babies.

Among the latest novelties – gift teas of Carpathian herbs. Well-chosen collection of herbs comes in attractive packaging – pyramids or houses with Carpathian motifs. There are special fees for women and children, designed for bathing and lotions – with a succession, mountain ash, peppermint and chamomile.

– We also have a politically correct Afro-Ukrainian product, – Michael laughs. – The suppliers take coffee varieties “Arabica” and our mini-factory grind bones hawthorn or apricot, add in coffee. It turns out this herbal coffee, especially for weight loss.

Is and memorabilia from the Soviet era coffee with chicory.

Many foreign and domestic companies interested in Ukrainian commodities – in this Michael Stoppok was convinced on own experience.

– If a ton of ordinary hay can be sold for a maximum of 500 UAH per ton of medicinal raw materials you can receive up to 10 thousand UAH, – says Stoppok. – Important to collect plants with love. And then mother nature gives them, and the people they benefit.

Aliens fighting over our grass

Ordinary workmen say that this year in Ukraine on medicinal plants and berries just boom.

– Europe was flooded, they were left without their herbs. Here and rushed to us, – tells “the View” one of the workmen. – Prices are rising every day. For example, the color of lime in the population last week was attended by 50 UAH, now 60, and sell abroad for 100 USD/kg.

And foreigners are willing to increase the price – almost fighting for contracts.

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