Exosomes stem cells to treat myocardial consequences
Researchers from Medical School Templestowe University (Temple University School of Medicine, TUSM, USA) discovered new method to restore heart function after a heart attack using stem cells actcom. About ten…

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Male infertility: treatment of folk remedies
According to statistics, every fourth married couple cannot have children because of male infertility. Alternative therapies, including herbal medicine, are quite popular and well-proven technique. How many tears and troubles…

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Reception and consultation of the doctor-physiotherapist in Moscow


Physical therapy – the direction of clinical medicine, specializing in the treatment of various diseases by acting on the patient’s body one or more physical factors (electric current, ultrasound waves, magnetic field, etc.). Such procedures have been successfully used in complex therapy of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and to treat respiratory, neurological, urological and many other diseases. Physiotherapy clinics “ABC Medical” equipped with everything necessary for carrying out preventive and remedial physiotherapy. Physiotherapy sessions for which prices are presented on this page are carried out using modern high-tech equipment.

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Laser physiotherapy . The method consists of exposing the tissue with light of low-intensity laser. The procedure of laser physiotherapy has a positive impact on the blood supply, have a regenerating, immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory effect. Clinics “ABC Medical” is also used magnetolaser therapy in which penetrating ability and, therefore, radiation efficiency is higher. The procedure is shown in scarring scars, dermatological diseases and traumatic injuries of the skin, in the treatment of urological and gynecological diseases.

The ozone therapy. Danamedic is a local effect on the tissues by the gas ozone. Treatment by physiotherapy with use of devices-ozone generators can improve the immunity, improve vascular tone, to ensure the saturation of blood with oxygen. Ozone also has antimicrobial and antifungal activity. Ozone therapy used in gynecology, surgery, neurology, cosmetology and other branches of medicine.

Treatment of electric shock. Clinics “ABC Medical” use such methods total physical therapy, as a treatment for constant or pulse current of different frequencies. Our patients following procedures:

galvanization is applied in the therapy of certain chronic diseases, pathologies of the Central and peripheral nervous system, rehabilitation after injuries;

diadynamic therapy is effective for pain syndromes of different origin;

darsonvalization – indicated in neuralgia, dystonia, migraine, hypertension, varicose veins and other conditions.

Medicinal electrophoresis. The method consists in introducing medicines through the skin under the influence of various physical factors (in particular direct or alternating current, ultrasonic vibrations). Each of our physiotherapy includes devices for performing the electrophoresis, SMC-electrophoresis and phonophoresis. These procedures have a complex effect, combining physical and medical therapy.

Inhalation. This method involves the inhalation of drug solutions in the form of vapor or aerosols. Treatment by physiotherapy with the use of inhalation is shown in diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

ULTRASONIC therapy. This method is General physiotherapy is the impact on the affected area of the body using sound waves a frequency of 800-3000 kHz. When done tissue massage at the cellular and subcellular levels, increases the activity of enzymes, stimulates biochemical processes in the body. Ultrasonic therapy is indicated in the treatment of trauma, various pathological changes of the skin, urological and dental diseases, etc.

UFO. This technique involves the exposure of tissue to electromagnetic radiation in the range from 10 to 400 nm. As evidenced in clinical practice and many of the reviews, physiotherapy with the use of ultraviolet irradiation is effective in the prevention and treatment of rickets, the dermatological diseases, low-intensity inflammatory processes.

Massage. This method General physical therapy has a restorative effect, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, is used for prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, neuralgia and other pathologies. Clinics “ABC Medical” is both General and local massage.

Treatment in India – popular destinations of medicine
The most popular areas of India medicine are cardiology and cardiac surgery, transplantation, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, urology and andrology, dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery, gynaecology and reproductive medicine, and,…


Treatment of impotence folk remedies
The treatment of impotence. Loss of sexual power is a tragedy for any man. Impotence treatment with herbs. Endocrine impotence caused by falling vnutricleternmu of testicular function. Impotence, national treatment.…

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