The cultivation of medicinal herbs
Many gardeners spend summer cottages and farmlands beds for growing herbs and shrubs. It successfully cultivated as an exotic and familiar herbs from ginseng to St. John's wort lemongrass and…

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What are the benefits of Brazil nuts?
One of the exotic types of nuts is the Brazil nut. It is most common in South America, mainly in Brazil and Peru, Colombia and Bolivia, and a number of…

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“Traditional healers” or quacks..

All of us periodically hear, read in the media and see with screens of various “magicians”, which together require “modest” is their calling, not only as “traditional healers”. Others from the public, prefer to be called psychics. So, who are these “miracle workers”? Can most of them even use the term traditional healers or in the language of mankind in relation to such gentlemen are the definitions of charlatans? Folks, as You know, we have a simple. Believe there and where not necessary, and then together blows on cold water. You think I’m against folk healers and folk medicine? No. Believe me, no. Just I am the head of the Association “Unity” in the SAI, which is engaged in assistance to victims of sects and I want to share with You information that is called, firsthand. I have a good friend, he’s a healer. Not in quotes. This person is listed in all the registries of Kazakhstan as a folk healer, under his own name, the name and Photo. His name I am, as You see, is not specified. To claim to me, like, advertise their. So who are these healers? What you need to be able to have the right to be called so? To be eligible to be called a folk healer, it is necessary to prove it.

There are requirements of the Ministry of health: under the supervision of a physician candidate for the title of the folk healer should prolactinemia of dozens of patients and to provide the results of the special Commission. Checks and mental health of the applicant. Only then are issued the relevant documents. Without them – a direct violation of the Law.

Now, touch in memory, “healers” about whom You know and can hear. Almost every one of them, as a rule, treats, with their words, cancer, the common cold, but every second or AIDS. Ask them at the meeting question: How do they relate to medicine? If they have at least a degree in nursing? The question is not idle. After all, You came for the paid medical care.

So in April of 2009 in Kazakhstan was forbidden occult sect “Allaat” created by a former chauffeur from under Almaty Abdullayev Farhad. In this sect the promise of immortality and the healing of all diseases. But there’s a mess in autumn 2008, “idol”, with the farm bus, that is, ordered to live long. Must “forget” about promised immortality. After squabbles in the sect for the title of the new “idol” sect re-started “treatment”. The very same Farhat took place at the level of contemporary fiction, but in another dimension. When asking “therapeutic” activities of the sect had revealed an interesting fact. “Medical practice” doing people who have no medical training and not even knowing the basics of anatomy. They were former construction workers, Technicals and even the disabled. Summary: only in PA Edinstvo lay statements from relatives of the dead the fault of the “healers” of the sect of the “Allya Ayat”. With equal panache “treats” visits to Holy places of Kazakhstan sect with two names, “ATA Zhol” and “AK Zhol”. offering money for “curing” the pilgrim’s progress. “Treatment” is performed prayers on the graves. Ignorant religious people are the quirky guys refer to the Holy Bible and the Koran. To the extent that it’ll send You to Church or mosque before travelling. On the principle that the deception’t get cocky, the better believe. And people, believe me, I’m coming. Without knowing that Islam, for example, it is strictly prohibited to pray on graves. Applicants, are classified as the polytheists, i.e., the Gentiles. That is, people going against the fundamentals of Islam. People do not suspect them of greed deceit turn away from the religion of their ancestors.

In the summer of 2010 in East Kazakhstan has arrived with the preaching of the missionaries occult sects of “Friends of Bruno Groening”. In this sect, too, promises all kinds of healing. Tell how Bruno performed miracles, healing everyone. Stood, for example, next to a terminally ill man and for sixty years after alive and well. In short, “the miracle worker” was this Bruno. There is however, one little thing about which sect are reluctant to say. Colin has two sons, but both died while still a child. But it’s stuff. The main thing for the sect is to donate money. Currently supporters of Bruno appeared in the regional center and the village of Piedmont. Such “healers” and “miracle workers” a lot. But You have the right to know the truth, to protect themselves and their friends from harm. It’s no wonder medicine called the most conservative science. The reason is simple: treating people should only deal with pros, but not the charlatans. Like a wonder they didn’t call: bioenergetic, space energetic, “Friends of Bruno Groening”, “Allya Ayat” and others. Because of these “healers” You can lose not only money but health and life.

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