Exosomes stem cells to treat myocardial consequences
Researchers from Medical School Templestowe University (Temple University School of Medicine, TUSM, USA) discovered new method to restore heart function after a heart attack using stem cells actcom. About ten…

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The herbalist medicinal plants - Althaea officinalis
The Botanical characteristics. Perennial gray-green herb 120-150 cm tall. Rhizome thick, short, branched; woody taproot, fleshy side, gray on the outside, white inside. Stems single or numerous, slightly branched. Leaves…

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Treatment in India – popular destinations of medicine

The most popular areas of India medicine are cardiology and cardiac surgery, transplantation, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, urology and andrology, dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery, gynaecology and reproductive medicine, and, of course, Ayurvedic medicine.

Cardiac surgery in India meets the highest international standards. Its largest Department is the Institute of “Medanta”, located in the city of Guragon. It is a modern multidisciplinary institution, which includes a number of units: functional and diagnostic cardiology, invasive cardiology, coronary care, cardiac surgery for adults and for children, robotic cardiac surgery. There is qualified assistance with the latest technology, is cardiac rehabilitation.

Plastic surgery in India is also highly popular in the world, it is famous for its high aesthetic results, performed all kinds of existing plastic and reconstructive surgeries to various parts of the body, and using the latest minimally invasive and laser technologies, the cost of which is lower than in Western countries.

Men have high demand in India treatment of prostate diseases and various sexual dysfunctions – both traditional and folk methods, which in combination give a good effect. Especially popular is a new direction, as erectile urology, thousands of men return their complete physiology.

The leading indicators in India is prosthetics, including a one-day innovative technology. Also, many couples come for IVF in India, where the success of the procedure also contributes to the climate and the rest of the country.

One should dwell on the world’s only and unique Ayurvedic medicine, which is fundamentally different from other kinds of alternative medicine. It has existed for many centuries, are time tested and represents a system of knowledge about man: his physiological and psychological condition as well as diagnosis and treatment of diseases by natural means, without the use of any technologies and chemicals. Ayurveda has accumulated vast experience in recognition of disease condition of skin, hair, nails, pulse and applied behavioral diagnostics and many other ways. Ayurveda allows a person to know themselves, their needs, helps to open new possibilities of the body.

In Ayurvedic treatment the main stage is the cleansing of the body, open energy channels. And it’s not mystery, because the existence of the biofield energy has long been proven by modern science and registered medical devices. Treatment program are assigned using only natural means. These include special exercises and decoctions of various herbs, natural oils, heliotherapy, pelotherapy and many other methods. Ayurveda is the only form of alternative medicine that was officially recognized and legitimized by the world Health Organization. It is no accident that on this treatment annually 150 thousand tourists from abroad, and that number is growing.

Organ transplantation in India

Plastic surgery has appeared before Our Era, and Indian medicine in those days was of the highest level. Frequent wars of conquest, using mainly melee weapons, has led to many injuries – defects of limbs, nose, ears. Indian surgeons were pioneers of transplantation of various body parts. With the discovery of blood groups and the emergence of scientific Transplantology Indian medicine keeps pace with the times. Today organ transplantation in India is carried out to the highest international standards, however, it is much more affordable than in Western countries.

Leading centers of organ transplantation in India are based in hospital networks Helskea Fortis and Apollo Hospitals, which is one of the largest departments of transplantation world level. Every year each of them performed more than 1,000 liver transplants, most patients are foreigners. The number the leader is the transplantation of kidneys, then the liver, according to the latest technologies (full and partial transplant). Successful transplantation of the pancreas, bowel, bone marrow. There are frequent multi-organ transplantation, when transplanted several organs, and in India they are also successful.

In domestic medicine, as in many other countries, the situation in organ transplantation is that patients often wait a long time for their turn to receive a donor organ. In India, the waiting list for organs for patient not so long, and even received popularity to such an event, as the purchase of donor organs in India at a fairly reasonable price. However, practice shows that the best option is not buying, and transplantation of organs in India, where it has the highest world level and gives much more guarantees.

A physiatrist
Physiotherapy is a specialized area of clinical medicine that studies the physiological and therapeutic action of natural and artificially created physical factors on the human body. Physiotherapy is one of…


The use of medicinal plants in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
"I'd give three hundred years of his posthumous fame for good digestion if life" - so once said a famous French thinker Voltaire. Yes, it really is a big problem…

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