A physiatrist

Physiotherapy is a specialized area of clinical medicine that studies the physiological and therapeutic action of natural and artificially created physical factors on the human body.

Physiotherapy is one of the oldest therapeutic and prophylactic areas of medicine, which includes many sections. Among the most significant sections of physiotherapy include:

treatment using laser therapy, low-frequency laser therapy,

the diadynamic therapy,


thermal radiation and various other mechanical effects,



manual therapy.

Each of these sections includes a number of separate or integrated treatment methods based on the use of a physical factor.

Electrophoresis and phonophoresis occupy an intermediate position between physical therapy and pharmacotherapy, as these physical therapy electrical current or ultrasound is used to deliver drugs through the skin and mucous membranes.

The aim of physiotherapy — is to achieve the best effect in the treatment of any disease, with minimal stress on the patient’s body, using mainly physical treatment. Treatment with drugs in certain situations, certainly justified, but there is the possibility of undesirable and unforeseen side effects.

Treatment with physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is one of the safest methods of treatment to date. Physiotherapy is used independently and in conjunction with other treatments (e.g., surgery).

Physiotherapy treatments, like all others, are appointed taking into account

pathology (diseases),

stage of the disease, its severity,

the history of life and the patient’s disease,

age, gender,

physical and mental condition,

the geography of his residence.

May also consider other factors such as social status, personal relationship to the patient’s proposed treatment, etc.

In venereology, urology, gynecology, physiotherapy selected individually for each patient depending on the age of the person and the severity of the disease.

Physiotherapy is particularly effective in the combined treatment. Recently, medicine has seen a combination of several infections, which considerably complicates the course of the pathological process in certain types of diseases, for example, with adhesions, pain syndrome, chronic inflammation of the appendages and uterus, preparation for IVF and pregnancy in General, hypoplasia of uterus and genital infantilism, menstrual disorders, mastitis, post-surgery, pelvic ganglioneuroma. In the treatment of these diseases physiotherapy is particularly effective, as it accelerates the healing process and has no side effects.

Laser therapy . or laser therapy. The basis of biostimulating effects of laser therapy on the human body — influence of the directional light output (laser) on living tissue. Absorbing light, the enzymes stimulate the body essential biochemical processes, and cells are updated, restore their livelihoods, included self-regulation mechanisms, the natural forces of the body are mobilized. Under the influence of laser therapy expands capillaries, improves blood circulation, tissue nutrition, and together leads to the fact that accelerate the healing process in the affected areas. Laser therapy has beneficial effects on the immune system, reduces blood viscosity, increases lymph flow, reduces cholesterol, stops the pain, has antimicrobial, antiviral and antiallergic effect. Laser therapy and other therapy methods, helps to reduce the time of treatment, to prevent the transition from acute process to chronic, and most importantly, to achieve a positive effect of minimum doses of drugs. Short sessions of laser therapy is that the patient takes place in remote periods after treatment, enhance health: stimulate metabolic processes, nutrition of tissues and organs, reduce the likelihood of early age-related changes, particularly menopause.

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