Alternative medicine
Hydrogen peroxide is a liquid that has no odor and color. The substance is also referred to as peroxide, perhydrol, the hyperon . Conventional medicine widely uses hydrogen peroxide for…

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Useful properties of sea salt.
Though people of past ages did not possess so much knowledge as modern, however they were already known beneficial properties of sea salt. The healing properties of sea salt are…

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This method of treatment and/or recovery of the organism based on physical factors, which can be either natural (sunlight, sea water, mountain air, etc.) and created artificially.

Physical therapy is especially successfully used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, neuralgia, dermatitis, and also in cosmetic medicine.

Main methods:

Galvanization. that is, treatment with currents of low voltage. Has a calming, muscle relaxant, sedative and vasodilator action. Successfully used for the treatment of diseases and injuries of the nervous system, arthritis, radiculitis, ischemia etc.

Magnetotherapy — a method based on the action of magnetic fields. It has a wide spectrum of action and can be used for the treatment of various diseases. It is also used as a preventive treatment or for recuperation.

Provide basic effects: vasodilator, catabolic (through the emergence, under the influence of the field, the hydrodynamic forces in the blood vessels), anti-hypertensive, lymphodrenage.

Laser therapy is one of the most modern and effective methods of treatment. Applied (in combination with medication and other methods) when recovering from injuries, tumors and inflammatory processes. Widely used in cosmetic surgery.

The method consists in the therapeutic effects of a narrow beam of light opredeleniyami.

The ultraviolet radiation. due to its powerful bactericidal effect, can be used for chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis and other inflammations of the mucous membranes. Because of the harmful effects usually resort to it as a last resort, with the failure of other treatment.

CMT (applyimports) based on the therapeutic action of sound waves of a certain frequency. Has a very wide range of application and a high therapeutic effect. In combination with other methods can be used in diseases of the nervous system, circulatory disorders, gynecological diseases, kidney stones. As a non-pharmacological analgesic used for various injuries, sprains, bruises, etc.

Electrophoresis — a comprehensive method, which consists in the simultaneous effect on the skin or mucous membranes, ions, drugs and electrical field. Due to the effect of the current increases the effectiveness of the medications; in addition, virtually eliminate side effects (that is, when all other methods of drug administration).

Phonophoresis — a method, similar in principle to electrophoresis. Simultaneously with the application of the skin medicines, is the exposure to ultrasonic waves. Their vibrations activate processes of intracellular metabolism and, thus, contribute to a more complete absorption of medication. As with electrophoresis, it is used to treat a wide range of diseases.

UHF — therapy using the apparatus of the electronic field of ultrahigh frequency. Bacteriostatic and antitoxic effect and enhances blood circulation. UHF method is particularly effective when you restore health after various inflammatory diseases.

Light therapy — a treatment and recovery using the apparatus BIOPTRON. Developed by the Swiss company, it has wide healing, relaxation and analgesic effect. Virtually no contraindications and can be used to treat children of any age.

Invitatory — method based on the use of pulsed low frequency electric current fields. Modern devices of invitatiei can generate a field of varying intensity and to operate in several modes; in this way, the device can be used both as a therapeutic and Wellness treatments. Stimulates hormone production, improves hemodynamics, increases the immune processes, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

Ultrasonic therapy is a method of using sound waves of ultrahigh frequency. Effective for the treatment of osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease, chronic rhinitis and tonsillitis can be used as an additional means through bacteriostatic action.

Electrosleep is relatively rarely used but effective method of physical therapy. With the help of currents of a certain frequency and strength of the patient sinks into a therapeutic sleep. The procedure is effective for the treatment of neuroses, vegetative dystonia, neurasthenia, somnambulism, enuresis.

Traditional medicine and alternative therapies in our time.
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Reception and consultation of the doctor-physiotherapist in Moscow
Physiotherapy Physical therapy – the direction of clinical medicine, specializing in the treatment of various diseases by acting on the patient's body one or more physical factors (electric current, ultrasound…

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