Reception and consultation of the doctor-physiotherapist in Moscow
Physiotherapy Physical therapy – the direction of clinical medicine, specializing in the treatment of various diseases by acting on the patient's body one or more physical factors (electric current, ultrasound…

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Exosomes stem cells to treat myocardial consequences
Researchers from Medical School Templestowe University (Temple University School of Medicine, TUSM, USA) discovered new method to restore heart function after a heart attack using stem cells actcom. About ten…

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Orthodox traditions of healing and collection of medicinal plants

In Russia there were millennial folk tradition of healing that uses mainly medicinal herbs and plants of Russian fields and forests. During the longest days of light forest and grassland vegetation accumulate the most number of biologically active substances. So this is the most favorable time for collecting and harvesting medicinal herbs and plants. In the period between the feasts of St. Tikhon, Bishop of Amatorskiego June 29, and the Nativity of John the Baptist, 7 July, in Russia was made to collect and harvest medicinal herbs. Said that at this time, “Rosa medicinal, herb medicinal, water purification” to Us in the inheritance from ancestors inherited the recipes for many of collection of medicinal herbs, because for a long time the grass was almost the only means of treatment. “The Lord created from the earth healing and the wise man will not neglect them, says the Bible. – He gave people the knowledge to glorify Him in His wonderful works: he heals the man and destroys the disease of his (Sir.38,4,6).

Medicinal herbs and plants were gathered reverently, prayerfully, to Jesus Christ, blessed virgin, John the Baptist, to “deny the spirit of infirmity, leave Saku disease, Saku the wound, Saku omnevichi tresviso” “Today is the day Tikhov quiet good mother of cheese the earth. And the sun quietly flowing through the sky And… singing birdie with the day subside. The quiet light of the Holy glory of the Lord shines today. All full of grass juice and poured in the flesh to John’s day (July 7) in the healing juice stand. On Tikovoi Rosa need grass to tear, roots to dig, flowers to collect. In the name of Christ, Yes the name of the blessed virgin Mary those herbs going. Pluck grass without the name of God – will not benefit from it man. There on the bare earth not a single bylinski, which would benefit the people was not created. In every pot, in every flower the great mercy of the Lord is laid. Executed land of davnosti Him, and love Him, Lights, no action… When the grass is harvested, roots are digging the Lord accept the gifts”. (P. I. Melnikov – Pechersky)

Definitely in prayer for the intercession of the saints, who pleased God by his works of healing others. Among them the Holy Wonderworkers and unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian, Cyrus and John, Hermolaus, Thalaleos, Sampson, Diomedes. But the best known Holy great-Martyr Panteleimon, which is nicknamed as the Healer. In iconography he is always depicted with a box of medicinal sadaba.

The revival of the centuries proven experience of spiritual and physical treatment is so necessary today. Because the use of synthetic drugs often has its reverse side side effects, allergic complications, especially dangerous to the weakened organism suffering from not one, but a whole “Bouquet” of various diseases. Many drugs can damage the liver, nervous and circulatory system, kidneys, stomach, reduced hearing to complete deafness, to contribute to the emergence of serious diseases such as diabetes, the appearance of malignant and benign neoplasms. Excessive intake of antibiotics reduce the body’s resistance.

Typically, the action of herbs is milder, has fewer contraindications and complications. Herbs and plants have a complex structure, which explains the variety of therapeutic effects. Biologically active substances in plants, are always accompanied with substances enhancing their absorption in the human body, and many medicinal plants are still at the same time and food (vegetables, berries, etc.) in addition, pathogenic bacteria and microbes quickly get used to the potent modern medicines (antibiotics). And high activity of phytoncides (herbal antibiotic) is confirmed by thousands of years. Especially valuable medicinal herbs are in trace element and isotopic composition. In real time with more than 30% of therapeutic agents used in world medical practice are drugs of plant (in Russia more than 40%). Now in Russia use about 150 species of wild and cultivated medicinal plants (cultivated about 60 species). Medicinal herbs and plants are used both in fresh and dried form, are prepared of tinctures, decoctions, tinctures, extracts or essences, which are used not only water, but wine, milk, honey, alcohol, oils, etc. So instead of that I would rush overseas for synthetic drugs, is it not better to remember the God-given riches of the Russian Forbs, blagoveyno collected in mid-summer. At the same time it must be remembered that the use of medicinal herbs should be accompanied with specialist advice that will pick up drug charges because every person has individual abilities – intolerance to certain substances, food allergies, a combination of various diseases, contraindications. Under certain conditions, incorrect use of medicinal herbs and plants can do more harm than good.

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