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Research Center for Tibetan medicine

Grateful to the treatment they receive in DTM, my son Iskander conducted the following procedures:

Massage, massage cupping, magnet, needles.

From Iskander after treatment is improved speech:

Iskander before treatment in DTM was just starting to say “AM”, after treatment there were new sounds: “MA” when calling my mother, “UV” when tired, the sound of “OM” became more stable and demanding.

The little boy appeared a new movement:

Before treatment Iskander turned over only from one position – from back to tummy on the right side. Now Iskander from the back flips and right and left. Now teach your baby to roll over from front to back, and crawl.

Improved support for the legs, ie when doing gymnastics at home on the ball with my mom, Iskander is better standing up, but not like before – by relying on the legs he was tucked in.

Decreased tonus in arms: – it gives the opportunity to better develop the baby and to catch up with their peers.

More to do with the baby, help him to play, prior to treatment, I first need to relax every finger separately, then the palm, then every finger on the second handle, then the second hand. And only after the relaxation of the pens we started the game.

Ocekivano find the approach of the doctor to the child, this is a rare achievement. Dr. DOE is a good specialist, I found the approach to the child, just hearing the doctor’s voice, the baby is smiling, Iskander even on pins and needles not crying – watching cartoons and listening to stories and rhymes.

Now Iskander – grown mentally, physically better developed, more interest in the games.

Thank you to all the DTM staff, all attentive and interested in the result. Sincerely mom Iskander Akhmadullina Lucie

About our center

We treat the person, not the disease.

Research center for Tibetan medicine, created in Ufa in 2011, until today remains the only highly skilled and unique clinic of traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine in the Republic of Bashkortostan.Here are practicing doctors of the highest category from China,Tibet and Mongolia,who devoted his entire life to the study of Oriental medicine and bringing their skills to the highest levels of professionalism.

Leading clinics of China,one of which is the Hospital for the treatment of brain disorders and paralysis,XI’an, Shaanxi province annually send its specialists to work in our clinic and experience exchange with doctors of Western medicine.

The idea of founding a research center of Tibetan medicine the United the main goals and tasks, among which the study of and search for modern innovative medical inventions in Tibetan and Chinese medicine, as well as methods and technologies in Russia and abroad used in traditional Tibetan and traditional Chinese. Attracting and combined the use of ancient and modern traditional treatment in Chinese and Tibetan medicines, and traditional healing arts of Russia and Bashkortostan, China, and Mongolia and other countries with traditional medicine.

SIC Tibetan medicine will combine three therapeutic areas combined therapeutic techniques of traditional Chinese, traditional Tibetan medicine and Western medicine. Modern innovative methods of treatment of Russian medicine in conjunction with origins in the centuries-old traditional medical techniques of China, Tibet, Mongolia will allow our citizens to receive better and more comprehensive medical care.

The policy of the clinic of Tibetan and Chinese medicine is inviting and attracting foreign doctors for joint treatment, research and education working with Russian doctors in our clinics.

The clinic of traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine offers a wide range of all traditional methods of treatment: traditional Chinese massage, pulse diagnosis, diagnosis in the eyes, acupuncture, moxibustion and warming acupuncture points, etc.

The clinic of traditional Tibetan medicine offers to use the methods of traditional therapeutic massage Ku nye, microacupuncture, auriculotherapy, cupping vacuum massage, hirudotherapy, microgravitational, etc.

We are proud of our doctors! We believe in their methods! Our patients are satisfied with treatment results!We treat chronic diseases even after a long period of unsuccessful treatment means of Western medicine. When other doctors are powerless, we can help!

Already more than 55,000 patients have evaluated the effectiveness of our methods!

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