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Alternative medicine

Hydrogen peroxide is a liquid that has no odor and color. The substance is also referred to as peroxide, perhydrol, the hyperon . Conventional medicine widely uses hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of wounds, abrasions. However, it has more interesting methods of application, for example, the treatment of hypertension. of atherosclerosis. asthma. which are likely to belong to alternative medicine.

Another positive aspect of the use of hydrogen peroxide is that the products of decomposition do not pose any danger to the human body. The use of peroxide is quite simple.

Today it is no secret that most ailments develop because tissues lack of oxygen. Cell, tissue component, is a separate structural unit, in which there are all the processes that are characteristic for the entire body: the diet. the allocation and respiration and energy production. To ensure that all functions are carried out must have a sufficient amount of oxygen, which may occur in the processing of hydrogen peroxide. Some immune cells produce hydrogen peroxide, but in very small doses.

Hydrogen peroxide is necessary for most metabolic processes: the conversion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Peroxide is also necessary for processing vitamins. minerals and verbotener in the cells. The presence of hydrogen peroxide helps to equalize the acid-alkaline balance, sugar.

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful antioxidant, it is ruining the poisons in tissues and inhibits the activity of all malicious agents, including parasites. The peroxide binds free radicals.

External use of hydrogen peroxide: you must take two teaspoons of three-percent hydrogen peroxide mixed with fifty milliliters of room temperature water and apply for lotions or compresses at all disturbing places ( joints, heart ). Indicated for dermatological diseases.

For the treatment of diseases of the oral mucosa should be prepared by the peroxide as described earlier, and make an application or lotion on the affected areas. After the procedure, twenty minutes not to consume water and food. To prepare a stock solution, should one tablet of urea diluted in a tablespoon of water.

Be used inside the peroxide should drop by drop, starting with one drop in two tablespoons of water. The procedure was carried out three times a day half an hour before meals or two hours after. Every day you need to increase the number drops to one, bringing to ten drops. The wound is then you should take a break for two – three days. Next, take ten drops in ten consecutive days with breaks for two to three days.

If you want, you can give kids under the age of five by one – two drops in two tablespoons of water, kids from five to ten years two to five drops, with ten to fourteen years, with five to eight drops at a time.

Diseases such as the common cold. sinusitis. frontal sinusitis, tinnitus. Parkinson’s disease. migraine need to drip into the nose ( ten drops of peroxide in one tablespoon water ). The procedure is done two to three times a day. After two days of treatment, add one milliliter with a syringe twice a day.

After ten or fifteen seconds after the procedure, the nose will start to bleed mucus. It should be blown out, why the head is tilted in the direction of wash the nostrils, the other nostril closed and blow out the mucus. After the procedure, ten minutes should not drink or eat.

Hydrogen peroxide is used as intravenous injection. The shot is taken from one to five milliliters of three percent of the drug at hundred milliliters of saline. The drug flows slowly, sixty drops per minute using infusion. On the first day fifty to one hundred milliliters. During the second day a hundred and fifty milliliters, with a third on the tenth day two hundred milliliters. Anchoring the course is assigned in two or three months. The exact concentration of the drug must be determined only on advice of a therapist or another specialist.

Some people in the early days of treatment could rise the body temperature and significantly worsen health. This is a normal reaction to such an abundance of oxygen. If the drug was used by ten drops, you can reduce the dosage by half and not increase as long as the feeling is not normal.

Alternative medicine
Hydrogen peroxide is a liquid that has no odor and color. The substance is also referred to as peroxide, perhydrol, the hyperon . Conventional medicine widely uses hydrogen peroxide for…


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