Herbs for zodiac sign
The Sign Of Fire. The ruling planet is Mars . Plants corresponding to the sign of Aries: aloe. anemone, Basil, barberry, hawthorn, gentian, mustard, gorse, honeysuckle, butcher's broom, ginger, hyssop,…

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The idea of physiotherapy was sent by nature itself, therefore, is one of the most alternative and safe methods of treatment. The advantages of the method are obvious: the treatment…

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Medicine Of Ancient Egypt

After it had been solved the mystery of hieroglyphic writing, the scientists were able to learn a lot about all the mysteries of that time.

Ancient Egypt medicine different from today, and the fixture in those days were primitive. However, Egyptian doctors were able to achieve success in this field.


When archaeologists found the tomb of a Bucket of bird, and were able to decipher the inscriptions, we learned that it was the architect of the king dynasty Neferure-RA. It also highlighted the impact of sudden death with the description of the terminal state, it resembled myocardial infarction.

Of course, in those days there was no paper, so the first sort of description of the man was on the papyrus. Before our time preserved two papyri that tell about the descriptions of diseases and how to treat them. In the same papyrus describes medical topics and recipes, and the other on the treatment of various kinds of wounds, bruises. And some medications, written at the time, and use in the modern world.

Received the papyri, scientists have learned that the first doctor was Schettino, who served at the court of the king.

But as we know, any knowledge must be acquired. For this purpose, physicians were trained in special schools at churches this skill. Primarily taught hieroglyphic writing, where they mastered the skills of calligraphy, medicine. In addition, I was also taught mathematics, astronomy, architecture. For the observance of order and discipline in elizavete were corporal punishment.

And if in our time while assisting a law is considered “Oath of Hippocrates”, in those days it was a strict adherence to the rules, disobedience was punishable by death. And if the treatment was that the patient died, if the doctor had acted according to the rules, it is for nothing.

Knowledge about man

For the Egyptians the afterlife was considered a continuation in a different world. For the preservation of the human body, because they believed that the soul lives forever, used the method of embalming.

Of course, the recipe has not survived to the present day, and scientists never solve the riddle of the preservation of bodies not only on the Millennium, but forever. But it proves that even then began the birth of medicine, as though the Egyptians knew how to embalm, but knowledge of human anatomy was at a low level. And all because there were prohibitions on the study of dead bodies from the same prejudices about the eternal afterlife.

It was easier to explain the disease to the introduction into it of the evil spirit. So they resorted to magic, rituals, spells. And important, believed that the wearing of amulets will not only protect the person, and the exile of the spirit.

Surgery in those days did not have because it was illegal to damage the body before the afterlife, so all was limited to simple procedures and manipulations.

Among the opportunities the doctors, was the ability to listen to heartbeat, measure, putting a hand to his forehead, the temperature. Could listen to heart and lungs with his ear.


The only thing that was unlimited to use and the opportunities this medication. A huge number of recipes described in the papyrus, speaks of the knowledge of healers in the properties of plants and their influence on the body.

And if you carefully read these so-called recipe books, you can see a huge number of recipes required doses, mixing capabilities for various diseases. Some of these medicines You can find in the modern world. For example, cadastral oil, or opium, or saffron, and more.

As in any product nowadays, and in those days, and were ineffective or even harmful method. For example, in some recipes, the main ingredient was manure. But we all know that it contains products of fermentation and molds, in which active microbes, therefore a drug may threaten the health of the patient.

Among the well-known operations was the operation to circumcision in men. Drawings found in the tomb of doctor said that circumcision was performed in adolescents and men.

There told and the prosthesis. But, according to scientists, it is rather worn esteticheski nature than practical.

Was at a low level dentistry. As a rule, a bad tooth was removed immediately, and instead of anesthesia used, the opium, in the wrong dosage, resulting in death.

But could be used and local treatment in the form of paste, which was applied to the aching tooth, which was in its properties to relieve pain and inflammation.

Medical cosmetics

And even in ancient times women tried to look beautiful and to preserve youthfulness for a long time. In the papyrus even contains recipes from wrinkles, to hair growth and other recipes. Even the ladies knew the recipes of hair coloring and eyebrows.

And, of course, we all remember almond shaped eyes, which was directed from coal. Painted lips and cheeks Romanies. Probably, on this basis, we can assume the Egyptians legislators of beauty.

Another interesting fact was wearing a wig, consisting of a tightly braided plaits, with short hair. It was created as a headdress, but his main purpose was to combat lice.

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