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Snoring causes and treatment of folk remedies

Snoring is a pathological phenomenon that constitutes a violation of breathing during sleep, accompanied by a characteristic sound vibration. The causes of such health problems may be varied, and in most cases, the patient needed a complex treatment.

Why snoring appears, next.

Contributing factors

What reasons provoke accompanying sleep voice vibrations? Snoring most often appears on the background of determinants:

nasal septum deviated;

respiratory clearance blocked by polyps;

the patient has inflammatory or infectious processes in the throat (such as enlarged tonsils or adenoids, tonsillitis);

common causes of snoring – various injuries (e.g., broken nose, deformed jaw);

snoring can occur when a person abuses alcohol, smokes, takes sedatives before bedtime;


dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

All of the above reasons provoked significant relaxation of the muscles of the pharynx and tongue during sleep, rezultatele access of air into the respiratory tract is difficult and the person begins to snore.

The treatment of such a disease as snoring, can be conservative (medicinal or using different devices), surgical, and home (with the help of effective and time proven recipes). How to cope with the disease folk remedies, next.

Home therapy

Treatment of snoring begins with traditional methods of fight against excess weight (if any). The best way to lose weight is proper diet and the so-called “fasting days”. According to statistics, every extra 10 percent of body weight contributes to the deterioration of respiratory function in 50% o on the impact of weight loss for the treatment of snoring is easy to do.

There are other ways of getting rid of the disease folk remedies:

To overcome snoring helps baked carrots. This useful root is cleaned from the peel and baked in the oven. One of these carrots should be eaten 60 minutes before each main meal. Alternatively, you can prepare this salad: puree one carrot + 50g of olive oil + 1 onion grated.

Treatment of illness at home and spend such drugs, as oak bark and calendula flowers. It is necessary to mix a large spoon of the crushed plants and pour half a liter of boiling water. The mixture should be put to cook on the fire. After the broth has simmered, it should be removed from the stove and give it a good nastoyatel for two to three hours. This tool is used as a gargle for the throat. This procedure is carried out before bedtime –amargosa reduces swelling of the nasopharynx and facilitate nighttime breathing.

Since snoring is often “obliged” by their appearance of swelling in the nose, to cope with this problem, it is recommended to rinse the breathing channels with a weak solution of sea salt (the proportions are: 1 tablespoon spoon of product in a glass of water).

At home treatment of snoring and is carried out with the help of olive oil. A few drops of this miracle liquid it is recommended to bury your nose just before to go to sleep. The total duration of therapy in this case is three weeks.

To treat nocturnal snoring effective folk remedies recommended the use of a mixture of honey with cabbage juice (one teaspoon of bee products per Cup of liquid). This home remedy recommended to be taken just before bedtime during the month.

Treatment of disease with traditional methods is not complete without this recipe: one small spoon of the root of cinquefoil and berries chernobelsky combine C1 tablespoon of horsetail. Ready medical weight thoroughly ground in a coffee grinder, and then pour a glass of boiling water. The tool must be infused within one hour. The treatment is carried out so decoction: one tablespoon means drink five times a day. The duration of therapy in this case is not limited.

Snoring is called the characteristic sonic vibrations that appear during sleep for a number of reasons – from obesity and the anatomical structure of the upper respiratory tract to hormonal dysfunction.

To get rid of the problem help traditional and folk methods – there are many effective recipes that quickly cope with the task and return the patient a good night’s sleep.

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