Useful properties of sea salt.
Though people of past ages did not possess so much knowledge as modern, however they were already known beneficial properties of sea salt. The healing properties of sea salt are…

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Reception and consultation of the doctor-physiotherapist in Moscow
Physiotherapy Physical therapy – the direction of clinical medicine, specializing in the treatment of various diseases by acting on the patient's body one or more physical factors (electric current, ultrasound…

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Where purchased sorcerers and shamans

If your intention is to cast a spell of diarrhea by a neighbor, who did not return the debt, or to fall in love with the saleswoman in the lingerie store, you simply can not do without special ingredients. The dried heads of the leopard, the mummified Lama, the horns of various animals – all of this you can purchase one from markets for witches and shamans.

With the first signs of abstract thinking in the minds of people firmly rooted myth about the secret of the Almighty power with which it is better not to meet, and if the rock will bring you nose-to-nose – to pay off the gifts, offerings and sacrifices. So were born the rituals, superstitions, cults, sects and religions.

Despite all the achievements of scientific progress, today in different parts of the world continue to exist in various occult currents, the priests of which, no doubt, need fairly specific material and technical basis. We decided to recall the most major markets with esoteric and occult paraphernalia, one kind of which is able to strike fear in the heart.

The witches market in Bolivia

One of the largest markets for sorcerers is the actual capital of Bolivia – La Paz, at 3600 metres above sea level. Basically, here comes the local sorcerers and healers, which is called here Callaway, dakavsirebulia mere tourists, wandering from counter to counter in search of love potions, amulet of luck, incense and candles from evil spirits. Particularly noteworthy are the mummified remains of animals, or the butchered animals, like dried toads or bats, and, of course, germ Lam – sell them at $2 apiece. Here, by the way, you can buy fresh Coca leaves, without which local occultists literally can’t live.

The fetish market in Togo, Akodessewa

Akodessewa is located in the capital of the Togolese Republic lomé – a strange and unexpectedly friendly place from the usual markets except that the fetishistic features of the afterlife range. The mountains here lie the skulls of cattle, dried heads of monkeys, buffalos and leopards. Hyenas and foxes, antelopes and gazelles – their bodies found refuge on the shelves under the scorching sun. On the market popular tent traditional healers and medicine men, where the strings are flocking mortally sick people. In Akodessewa there is something like prayer houses, where shamans counsel with the sacred and all-knowing cowrie shells how to treat travelers (usually the course is chosen the ashes of the burnt animal, crushed in a mortar with some grass).

Magic the Mercado de Sonora in Mexico

Initially, the Mercado de Sonora, whose opening was initiated by the Mexican authorities in 1950-m to year, was created as a place for retail trade of consumer goods. After a while, the traders of food and clothing began to divide the stalls of the sellers of esoteric and ritual paraphernalia. Throughout the year they sell unremarkable Souvenirs, but for the celebrations of the religious cult of Santa Muerte, the market is downright transformed: in addition to incense, candles and soap (which, like claims, can cure even cancer), local healers sell herbal medicines, oils, equally “successful” in helping to save your marriage or cure infertility, as well as endangered species of animals – owls, peacocks and black iguanas.

Market proceeded Mercado de Brujas

In the capital of the Republic of Peru the city of Lima, witches, hereditary healers, witches and other charlatans of all stripes flock, as if by magic. This place is the largest “warehouse” of stuff: snake oils in the treatment of arthritis, dried frogs to sufferers of anemia, love the candles, Coca leaves for divination in a trance, mixes, powders, potions and finished potions. Market is near the train station Gamarra, and officially positioned as a resource base for wizards and healers, but here for a small fee it is possible to tell fortunes on hand, and for sverhodarennym – to be alone with a young “fortune teller” behind the screen.

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