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Folk remedies for the treatment of cataract

Unfortunately, man is powerless before the inevitable aging process.

Eventually begin to wear out the organs and systems, fading skin, decrease the intensity of the feelings. Physiological age-related changes also are not exempt from the organs of vision. Thus, the blurred image, the deterioration of color perception, the feeling of being “protectors” in the eyes attest to the clouding of the lens and the development of very common diseases – cataracts. This pathology tends to progression and further deterioration of vision, so inevitably there will come a time when you need an operation for removal (extraction) cataract and replace the lens with an IOL. However, you can suspend the development of the pathological process, by addressing decades of proven recipes of traditional medicine. The cataract treatment folk remedies involves the use of infusions and decoctions for external use (drops, compresses). In this case, the foreground means the natural pharmacy: products of bees, medicinal plants and herbs, fruits, berries.

Eye drops on the basis of honey

Natural bee honey is an indispensable ingredient of most of the folk medicinal recipes. No less popular have long used solutions eye,cooked on the apples. For the preparation of medicinal remedies, it is desirable to use apples sour-sweet varieties. Apple cleanse from the inside, removing all its inner part with seeds. Inside pour liquid honey, Apple remaining the top cover lid. A fruit filled with honey, put in a cool place to cure insist. After two days of a therapeutic agent to drain into a separate container and use as eye drops. Dosage: 2 drops in each eye daily. The recommended length of putting Apple and honey drops is 30 days.

A month later you can continue treatment, but instead of Apple as one of the main ingredients serves chicken protein. For preparation of such drops are best free-range eggs straight from the chicken, which need a few days to stand at room temperature. Next, the eggs must be boiled hard-boiled, cooled, cut in half and carefully remove the yolk. Received half filled with honey and also insist remedy a couple of days. The medicine is poured into the vial, then similar to the previous recipe the eye instilled with 2 drops per day throughout the month. Approval by the folk healers, the alternation of protein-honey-treatment of juice with drops, prepared on the basis of apples and honey, just gives a magical effect in the fight against cataracts.

Blueberry eye drops

From time immemorial, a reliable folk remedy for the clouding of the eye lens is freshly prepared blueberry juice. This berry is recognized even by official medicine, because it has long been used in home treatment of many ophthalmic problems. Pressed from ripe blueberry juice should be diluted in the proportion to one part juice accounted for two parts of clean filtered water. Natural drops on the basis of blueberries should be instilled into the eye three times a day. Of course, this natural remedy can be prepared only in the period of ripening berries, and the dripping blueberry juice in the eye is useful to combine with a daily consumption of blueberries in the food.

Dill wraps

In addition to backfilling, and effective way to treat folk remedies cataracts are compresses on the basis of the dill. The seeds of this well-known herbaceous plants should be placed in a couple of bags made of thick fabric. Bags lower by about five minutes in scalding water, then wring out and attach to the eyes. Dill compresses is recommended to do in the evening before bedtime. Treatment duration is one month.

Popular recipes in the fight against cataracts there is a great variety. They are able to provide effective assistance in maintaining the functions of the organs of vision, but if the disease process continues to progress, without seeking medical attention and surgical treatment is necessary. Take care of yourself!

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