Traditional Chinese medicine: alternative medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine

China is the cradle of many discoveries and inventions that we use today (though often in expanded form). The only area that has remained virtually untouched by civilization and technological progress of the so-called “traditional Chinese medicine”.

It has an ancient history and includes the knowledge accumulated through experience of thousands of doctors and therapists that currently attracts increasing attention. In China, traditional Chinese medicine is not considered something unusual. On the contrary, created a special institution, teaching even foreigners and tourists.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive patient monitoring system. Its essence is that it does not attempt to treat only a sick stomach, kidney, depression, or menstrual pain, and seeks to understand the context and occurrence of diseases, which can much easier to cure. The study of traditional Chinese medicine depends on close contact between doctors and patients. Research methods include observation of the patient. Assessed his facial expressions, heart rate, condition and freshness of the skin, which show the internal reserves of the organism, the rate and clarity of speech, speed and technostate to assess the viability and the mental state of the patient, asking specific questions related to all parts of the body and lifestyle. A special method Chinese doctors referred to as a language evaluation. This is not quackery! Even now, the study of language assessment for diagnosis in high school of Chinese traditional medicine is given to two semesters.

Rate in medicine Chinese herbs.

Traditional Chinese medicine uses to treat their patients herbs that make up three-quarters of the whole therapeutic Arsenal. For the treatment of patients are used for many procedures, one of which is acupuncture. It is a very pleasant, painless and effective procedure. Also apply other treatments, such as massage, diet and special gymnastic exercises. Traditional Chinese medicine pays more attention to the mental health and equilibrium of the inner world. Mainly healers help through traditional Chinese medicine to people suffering from so-called psychosomatic diseases, mental imbalance, which, in accordance with the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, account for three fourths of all diseases. Such people are highly sensitive to infection, prone to allergies, musculoskeletal pain, migraine, insomnia, or even premature aging.

Improve your life.

To prevent premature aging, it is important to change lifestyle, appropriate nutrition, relaxation. Of course, in this and many other traditional Chinese herbal medicine, specializing in the best combinations of herbs for specific diseases. One of the most frequently used herbal compounds considered Jia Wei Xiao Yang.

Soothing level.

Herbal blends there are about 200 species, but only 30 of them can easily buy. The mixture is Jia Wei Xiao Yao WAN is used to treat emotional and mental disorders, associated with physical problems. The range includes irritability, discomfort, imbalance, mood swings, depression, stress, chronic fatigue, pain in the neck, alternately diarrhoea and constipation, insomnia. For many women these symptoms are especially aggravated before menstruation. You may think it’s impossible, but actually there is a mixture of 10 plants that are beneficial to all these factors. This blend is not addictive. After a week of use you will feel much better.

Is it possible to apply the methods and practices of traditional Chinese medicine in the European context? Every person, regardless of whether he lives today or have existed thousands of years ago, still has the same mechanism of metabolism and mental conditions that affect different disease. Although some may argue that the Chinese herbs is better than all our drugs, but the fact remains: drugs must keep pace with the times, development needs to be collaborative, then perhaps we can ascend to something as comprehensive, as was the case in China, where every doctor thought it his duty to write a detailed Pharmacopoeia. We must use the knowledge and experience accumulated by ancient Chinese doctors throughout history in the treatment of certain types of plants or herbal mixtures. With regard to traditional Chinese medicine in the European context, the ideal option is to combine traditional medical practices with traditional Chinese the benefit of the patient.

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