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Application of Sophora japonica

A valuable medicinal plant Sophora japonica, in natural conditions it grows in many regions of South, South-East Asia and the Pacific Islands. Some of its species can be found in Australia and South America. There are 45 species of Sophora japonica, in the southern regions of Russia can grow only a few cold-resistant varieties.

The plant can be found in the Botanical gardens of the Caucasus and the Crimea, as well as in front gardens flower growers. All varieties Sophora japonica, as a rule, it can not tolerate frost, but otherwise this plant is quite undemanding.

In nature, Japanese Sophora is a powerful and high-branched tree of the legume family. You can tell by the large pinnate leaves and characteristic a smooth brown-gray trunk. The flowers of the Sophora japonica of irregular shape, grayish-white blossoms in July. After flowering, fruits are formed – large, greenish-brown pods that ripen by the end of September.

Medicinal properties

The healing properties of Sophora japonica is extremely broad, as all parts of the plant are rich in minerals, vitamins, bitterness and rutin. Because rutin makes the plant so useful. For example, in the flowers of Sophora – concentrated up to 30% of rutin from total amount of raw materials.

So codesfor Japanese have a unique ability to make the walls of blood vessels elastic and strong. Rutin also helps to cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, thins the blood, which is an excellent prevention of vascular disease: heart attacks, strokes, thrombophlebitis. Also Sophora japonica will reduce symptoms of hypertension, effectively treats iron anemia, prevents the development of gangrene and ulcers, lowers blood sugar.

This plant is invaluable in the treatment of nervous diseases, as it has a slight sedative properties, tincture of Sophora japonica in folk medicine to treat dermatitis with severe itching, neuralgia, and rheumatism, fever, diabetes. The plant can be used as a tonic after surgeries, serious illnesses, psychological trauma…

Uses in folk medicine

In folk medicine uses all parts of medicinal plants: leaves, roots, bark and even branches. But the whole medicinal raw materials are the young flower buds, collected in loose brush, and ripe fruit.

Most often the drugs with the use of Sophora japonica are used in the form of the vitamin teas, enriched With vitamin C, or in the form of tinctures. There are many recipes of folk medicine for the preparation of this drug raw materials.

Tincture to strengthen the cardiovascular system

This is a universal recipe for treatment of many diseases of the cardiovascular system, which can be applied both internally and to the friction (applications). Take 100 grams of dry half-expanded buds of Sophora japonica, chop hands, put in jar of dark glass and pour 750 ml of 40% medicinal alcohol. The tool must be infused for two weeks in a warm and dark place. After this medicine is filtered and used for the intended purpose.

Prophylactic course of treatment – month, 1 tsp half an hour before eating. If a food intolerance sadrzadeh alcohol, medication you should not accept. The same tincture can be rubbed on aching joints, be applied in the form of bandages on the nodes or vascular ulcers.


4 tsp. tablespoons chopped ripe Sophora japonica fruit pour 400 g of boiling water, hold 5 minutes on the steam bath, then thoroughly wrap the pot in a woolen shawl or blanket and hold until cool. Drink the decoction three times a day for total body strengthening and cleaning of vessels (in this case add 3-4 crushed part of the fruit). Can be used as sedatives or for washing wounds, fungal lesions of the skin, for eye wash conjunctivitis.


Possible individual intolerance of some parts of plants in which there is drowsiness, nausea, impaired chair. It is forbidden to use products with plant for heavy violations of the kidneys and liver, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

For the treatment it is forbidden to use Sophora tholstoplodna and Sophora flavescens, as all of these types of plants are poisonous.

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