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Male infertility: treatment of folk remedies

According to statistics, every fourth married couple cannot have children because of male infertility. Alternative therapies, including herbal medicine, are quite popular and well-proven technique.

How many tears and troubles brings in a young family the diagnosis “Infertility” when pregnancy does not occur in the first two year of marriage without application of means of protection or repeated miscarriages.

Before to start treatment of infertility in couples, you should investigate and determine the causes of this condition, and it may be that the blame for the violation of the male reproductive system. After a thorough examination it will become clear “whether Treated male infertility?”.

Young couples want to give a tip: do not miss the time and do not expect miracles: helps qualified advice and treatment specialists andrologists and gynecologists, and not prayer in the Holy place, the sooner the spouses was examined by doctors, the sooner the house dwell the joy and cheerful laughter of children. First of all, to establish the causes and identify the corrected and uncorrected factors, it is known that according to statistics for infertility says:

“male factor” is 25%;

“the female factor” — 50%;

“mixed” — 25% of cases.

Based on poluchennyh, you can start to search for the answer to the question: “whether Treated male infertility?” Experts say “YES” in most cases, based on the types and causes of disease among men.

Causes of male infertility and herbal treatment

There are several methods of treatment for male infertility, treatment of folk remedies, but first you need to pass the examination and pass the semen on the basis of what it is possible to evaluate the kind of sterility and to start treatment. Forms of male infertility are presented as:

secretory — violation of spermatogenesis, when there is an insufficient number, motility or abnormal sperm;

obstructive — is revealed in the presence of obstacles during the passage of the sperm excretory ways;

immunological type is manifested by the generation of antibodies to the sperm.

Among the possible reasons should be noted:

inflammatory disease, genital infections;

hormone imbalance and endocrine diseases;

the oncological disease and the effects of operations on the pelvic organs;

anomalies and malformations of the genital organs;

uncontrolled reception of antibiotics, antihypertensive drugs, steroid drugs, hormones, tranquilizers, harmful chemicals;

work in hot workshops, hobby rooms and baths with a high temperature;


the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse.

All this sad list, coupled with the frequent stress, reduces concentration, motility and percentage of live spermatozoa, as well as the qualitative content of semen.

Test results the doctor evaluates the extent of infertility and its opinion: whether safe again. Male infertility in some cases is very good medication, as well as homeopathic remedies. Widely used manual therapy, acupuncture contribute to the treatment of male infertility herbs, the results of healing described by physicians of the Ancient World. In cases where the broken terrain of the deferent ducts, a surgical intervention. But we should not forget that the effect may not be observed in the case of a middle-aged man’s age, previously conducted sterilization and when the immune form of infertility.

Of male infertility, treatment of folk remedies

That married couples who dream to have children, ready for anything, is known at all times. Sometimes the treatment is expensive overseas resorts is bearing fruit and be rewarded with the birth of this child, but often multiple attempts and significant costs to bring the joys of parenthood. Often a man who dreams about his son, is drawn to the advice and recipes of traditional medicine, treatment of male infertility with herbs, soon comes the result and in the family a child is born, means, traditional medicine also has a right to life based on the experience of past generations and under the supervision of a physician.

Among medicinal herbs, decoctions infusions and tinctures in the treatment of male infertility: a decoction of hawthorn fruit, mix carrot juice with Shilajit, knotweed tincture, decoction Adam root, juice of fresh Basil, infusion of equal parts lemon balm, Veronica, birch leaves, etc.

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