Male infertility: treatment of folk remedies
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Alternative medicine treatments

Alternative medicine got its name from its use in the treatment of folk remedies such as decoctions from medicinal plants, tinctures, combination products. In medicine everything is more organized and is applied only after consultation with a doctor. The hospital is designed to pass a full examination and establish the cause of the disease, to go through a medical disease.

Folk or alternative medicine originated long ago, when mankind did not know about the existence of penicillin and other drugs. Recipes concoctions passed down from generation to generation, from grandmother to the granddaughter, and so on. Over time, alternative medicine has expanded its range of services and further divided into many types, which are used only in individually selected cases.

Traditional medicine

To alternative medicine include:

• Herbal medicine. Includes treatment of diseases of various herbs that affect the body either comprehensively or individually on a particular organ. For this purpose, decoctions, tinctures. This type of treatment has no side toxins, because it does not contain the toxins that are in drugs. Thanks to herbs, you can cleanse Organismo negative elements that can lead to undesirable consequences.

• Magnetotherapy. The treatment involves magnets, which act on the organism by the method of the emitted waves on the affected area. Treat diseases such as insomnia, chronic pain and diseases of the infectious type, fatigue, oxygen starvation of the body because of low pressure and others.

• Urine therapy. Old giving that urine has a healing means. Use as for external use and for internal.

• Aromatherapy. In this form of folk medicine for the treatment of diseases, such as insomnia, migraine, inflammatory processes, are used various kinds of scents and flavors. In most cases, is used for insomnia and fatigue.

• Homeopathy. This species is associated with the ingestion of various minerals that have a positive effect on improving immunity of the body, reduce the level of disease. You can apply only in the manifestation of the first symptoms, in other cases you need to consult the doctors.

• Apitherapy – as the main drug is the honey.

• Treatment sounds. Uses sound of different frequencies to cleanse the body and relieving pain.

• Manual therapy. In the case of the use of this type is used a complex of biomechanical techniques that aim to rid the pain of the affected areas.

• Hirudotherapy. Here are used for the treatment of leeches. Leeches have the ability to suck the infected blood from the body. In women, it is displayed by month, men all is different. When the body gets rid of unnecessary blood, “reserve deposits” that are in the capillary system, will come into effect and the patient’s condition much improved.

• Bioenergy therapy. Used as the primary means of biological energy. Meditation, training.

• Hydrotherapy. As the main method of treatment of used water treatments, such as compresses, contrast showers, baths, General and local baths, douches, hardening.

• Colour therapy. There is an impact of various colors on perception. In this case we are treated as mental disorders.

• Diet – restrictions in the diet, selected in such a way that the body is getting all the nutrients, but there was no feeling of overeating. This method is used in case of overweight patients, problems with the metabolism or digestive system.

• Metalotherapy. Used as putting plates of different metals.

• Treatment with hunger.

All alternative treatment are divided into minor, or major, that is a substitute for medication. If a person prefers such ways, it must be agreed with the attending doctor, in order to avoid various complications.

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