Alternative medicine treatments
Alternative medicine got its name from its use in the treatment of folk remedies such as decoctions from medicinal plants, tinctures, combination products. In medicine everything is more organized and…

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The use of medicinal herbs in cosmetics. Phytocosmetics
Today cosmetic companies have come to understand that all production of cosmetics based on artificial ingredients it is not fashionable and prestigious. To increase sales of shampoos, conditioners, creams, lotions,…

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Treatment of uterine polyps folk remedies and herbs celandine, homeopathy

Uterine polyps are benign formations on the surface of the endometrium which is the inner cavity of the uterus. They can be both single and multiple. Rarely polyps can move to the cervix. The tumor consists of a body and legs, which is attached to the endometrium. According to medical observations, they are formed on the walls of the uterus or at its bottom.

The reasons for their occurrence can be varied, they are exposed to as young girls and women of middle and old age. Such a diagnosis is not a death sentence. Along with medication, there is treatment of uterine polyps folk remedies. Both methods aim at the destruction of polyps and prevention of new. The choice of the treatment depends solely on women and the characteristics of its body.

The signs and symptoms of endometrial polyps

Symptoms of uterine polyps are almost absent, or it is quite possible to confuse with symptoms of other diseases. The main symptom of polyps are appearance in women vaginal discharge. In the initial stages of the disease can be observed violations of the menstrual cycle and uterine bleeding. With the growth of polyps the uterus begins to contract involuntarily, Sakamaki is opened and the polyp is pushed into the vagina. The patient may complain of pain and cramping in the lower abdomen, vaginal discharge with pus.

It is because almost asymptomatic the disease at its early stage women do not pay attention to weak signals the body later and seek medical advice. This is especially true of pregnant women, for whom the polyps pose a double threat. In this case, is considered in folk medicine and homeopathy. Because polyps in the uterus homeopathy treatment take at all stages of the birth.

Only after the histological analysis it is possible to accurately determine the nature of the polyp. They are divided into glandular, glandular-fibrinosnye, fibrinosnye and uterine adenomatous polyps. Adenomatous polyp of the uterus are the most dangerous because it results in irreversible changes at the cellular level. This type of polyps referred to as precancerous condition of the uterine mucosa.

Herbs in the treatment of polyps

Treatment of polyps is held at the initial stage of the disease, when we are not talking about surgery. It is as effective as prophylaxis before or after medical treatment. In any case the woman needs a doctor’s advice is obligatory on the selected method of treatment.

[tip] Celandine is one of the most effective and popular means of treatment of polyps. It is taken both internally and used for douching. You need to fill a jar with fresh sprouts celandine and pour it with boiling water. [/tip]Bank lid, wrapped in a warm cloth and infused for 12 hours. Use the infusion three times a day, starting with a tablespoon and ending amount of 100 ml at a time. Treatment of endometrial polyps celandine – two weeks with a break between the next course in two to three weeks.

Grass-berry infusion for suppression of polyps in the uterus is prepared from the berries of bilberry, rosehip and nettle. Treatment of polyps of the uterus most herbs is best suited for those who want to try more drastic remedies. Cranberries need two tablespoons of nettle and rosehip – three spoons. Ingerdient mixed. Four tablespoons of a mixture need pour a glass of boiling water and let stand four hours in covered condition. This infusion take 250 ml twice a day.

Another effective remedy is the tincture Golden mustache. For its preparation will need 50 joints of a plant. They should pour 500 ml of vodka and infuse it for 10 days. Ready taking the liquid twice a day, throwing 20 drops in a third of a Cup of water. Drink it before meals. The course of treatment – a month, followed by a break of ten days. 5 recommended courses of treatments, then the treatment will be most effective.

Garlic and pumpkin seeds in controlling disease

Garlic is a remedy that has long been regarded as the cure for all diseases are just as applicable in this case. You need to take a large clove of garlic, chop it, wrap in double layer cheesecloth and tie tightly. Received pack to be inserted deep into the vagina at night and kept till morning. Manipulation must repeat every evening during the month.

For oral administration is prepared as a mixture of 7 steep yolks and fresh pumpkin seeds. In this case, national treatment and polyps in the uterus are fully compatible. Pumpkin seeds you need to grind and add to them the pounded yolks. The resulting mixture is mixed with two cups of vegetable oil and mix thoroughly to form a uniform slurry. The mixture is then placed in a water bath for half an hour. Cold remedy taken in the morning on an empty stomach one teaspoon. Method of acceptance – five in five days (5 days reception, 5 break) until complete recovery. The mixture is best stored in the refrigerator, tightly packing it.

You should always remember – do not under any circumstances be compromised by ill-considered treatment of their health. Treatment of uterine polyps folk remedies is justified, but it is better to carefully calibrate all of the contraindications and consult a gynecologist.

The treatment of polyps of the uterus?

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