"Traditional healers" or quacks..
All of us periodically hear, read in the media and see with screens of various "magicians", which together require "modest" is their calling, not only as "traditional healers". Others from…

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Snoring causes and treatment of folk remedies
Snoring is a pathological phenomenon that constitutes a violation of breathing during sleep, accompanied by a characteristic sound vibration. The causes of such health problems may be varied, and in…

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Folk remedies for the treatment of cataract

Unfortunately, man is powerless before the inevitable aging process.

Eventually begin to wear out the organs and systems, fading skin, decrease the intensity of the feelings. Physiological age-related changes also are not exempt from the organs of vision. Thus, the blurred image, the deterioration of color perception, the feeling of being “protectors” in the eyes attest to the clouding of the lens and the development of very common diseases – cataracts. This pathology tends to progression and further deterioration of vision, so inevitably there will come a time when you need an operation for removal (extraction) cataract and replace the lens with an IOL. However, you can suspend the development of the pathological process, by addressing decades of proven recipes of traditional medicine. The cataract treatment folk remedies involves the use of infusions and decoctions for external use (drops, compresses). In this case, the foreground means the natural pharmacy: products of bees, medicinal plants and herbs, fruits, berries. Continue reading

Traditional Chinese medicine: alternative medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine

China is the cradle of many discoveries and inventions that we use today (though often in expanded form). The only area that has remained virtually untouched by civilization and technological progress of the so-called “traditional Chinese medicine”.

It has an ancient history and includes the knowledge accumulated through experience of thousands of doctors and therapists that currently attracts increasing attention. In China, traditional Chinese medicine is not considered something unusual. On the contrary, created a special institution, teaching even foreigners and tourists.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a comprehensive patient monitoring system. Its essence is that it does not attempt to treat only a sick stomach, kidney, depression, or menstrual pain, and seeks to understand the context and occurrence of diseases, which can much easier to cure. Continue reading

Medicinal plants and herbs of the meadows

The meadows are treeless areas of varying humidity, are covered by vegetation. The meadows are upland, lowland, floodplain, flood.

The beauty of our meadows have been praised in folk art. In summer, the meadows are like a wondrous carpets, embroidered with patterns of grasses, or the waves huge multi-colored pond. While gazing on such beauty, involuntarily becomes a poet. Perhaps that is why the soul of Russian people so prone to dreams, reflections, beauty.

But in addition to the discreet charm of the meadow plant life inhabiting meadows plants give people health and longevity. From them prepare a variety of drugs for the treatment of many ailments. Medicinal plants and herbs of the meadows are many species, different in their medicinal properties.

Most of the plants we all know and familiar. Here are some of them:

Taraxacum officinale – a well-known yellow flower. It has a wide range of therapeutic action. Contribute to the normalization of work, heal the liver, gall bladder. Folk medicine uses dandelion for anemia, insomnia, hypertension, to remove warts, calluses. The young leaves of the plant are used for making spring salads, as remedies for beriberi. Continue reading

Treatment of impotence folk remedies
The treatment of impotence. Loss of sexual power is a tragedy for any man. Impotence treatment with herbs. Endocrine impotence caused by falling vnutricleternmu of testicular function. Impotence, national treatment.…


Orthodox traditions of healing and collection of medicinal plants
In Russia there were millennial folk tradition of healing that uses mainly medicinal herbs and plants of Russian fields and forests. During the longest days of light forest and grassland…

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